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2011 Toronto International Film Festival Begins

Thursday, September 8th represents the opening of the 36th annual Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). With the glitz and glamour of the Venice Film Festival winding down and Telluride, which caters mostly to industry insiders, quietly come and gone over the Labour Day weekend, it’s time for TIFF to take centre stage. As previously reported, the festival is kicking it off with the premiere of From the Sky Down, the documentary following U2 during production of their hit album Achtung Baby. Toronto will be featuring 336 films at the 10 day long festival, 123 of which will be world premieres and 98 of which are North American premieres, so lots of new material to be seen. As such, distributers will be in full force and many films will be purchased during this showcase of works. All tolled, over 28,000 minutes of movie viewing pleasure will be available to audiences and industry insiders alike. A wonderful 10 days of film in a wonderful city. Stay tuned for lots of news from TIFF!

Source: TIFF.NET

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