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Asa Butterfield is Cast in ‘Enders Game’, Could Harrison Ford Be About to Join Him?

Enders GameTruly Epic (note the capital E there) Science Fiction films are few and far between.  Star Wars was one, Blade Runner was another and we could be well on the way to seeing another one next year.  Enders Game is a novel by Orson Scott Card, it tells the story of of Ender Wiggin a young boy recruited by an imperilled Earth to train as a soldier in an interstellar war.  Earth has been at war with the Formics (a race of insectile aliens also known as the Buggers, something that doesn’t translate too well this side of the Atlantic) for over a hundred years, and the genetically engineered Ender and his peers could be Earths last hope.  It’s the first book in the Enders series and is potentially Epic, in scale at least.  The film adaptation was, of course, inevitable and the movie has been doing the rounds for some time now.  Gavin Hood (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) is signed on to direct and Summit pictures will be releasing the film in 2013.  Variety is today reporting one casting decision along with one casting hope for the film.  Asa Butterfield, about to grace our screens as the titular Hugo in Scorseses new film, has been cast as the child genius Ender.  But it’s the casting of Colonel Hyrum Graff, the films adult lead, that could prove to be interesting.  Look back at those two Epic sci-Fi films, what do they have in common?  The answer is of course Harrison Ford.  The man who made his name in Star Wars, is one of the people that the producers have in their sights for the role of the grizzled military commander.  Should he decide to sign on it could very well go a long way into turning Enders Game from a potential Hunger Games into a potential Star Wars.  As soon as we hear more news on this, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Source: Variety

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