Top 10 Xmas Kisses

As the weather gets colder and the nights draw in ever closer, the best way to warm up is to have a cuddle with your better half, or a cheeky kiss under the mistletoe. A good Christmas film is nothing without its lovey-dovey moments, so here are my Top 10 Christmas Kisses to get you in the mood for love.

10) Die Hard – End Scene after Hans is dropped from building.

John McClane goes through a hell of a lot in Die Hard and it’s only right that when the evil Hans Gruber has been flung off the building, that he should get his happy ending. It’s a bloody and sweaty kiss that takes place amongst a backdrop of fire and broken glass. It’s intense, to say the least.

9) The Nightmare Before Christmas – Jack and Sally Kiss on the Hill

Everyone’s favourite animated pair Jack and Sally are at number 9. Their kiss on the hill is very Tim Burton: at night, an unnaturally large moon and music by Danny Elfman playing in the background. It’s a beautiful scene and an unforgettable kiss by a very unlikely couple. (Kiss at 1:00)

8) Serendipity – End Scene

When Jonathan and Sara meet whilst Christmas shopping, they decide to let fate decide if they should be together. This scene has a perfectly slow build up with Sara walking as slow as possible towards Jonathan before they lean in for their kiss. The kiss either represents their acceptance of their fate, or they’ve finally thought, “screw it, let’s just be together.” (Kiss at 1:54)

7) The Holiday – Amanda and Graham Kiss

The kiss that Amanda and Graham share in this scene is both, awkward and very sweet. It is shot very close-up, almost TOO close. It makes the audience feel intrusive, yet you can’t help but watch because it’s so funny and equally as cute. (Kiss at 5:12)

6) Edward Scissorhands – Kim and Edward in the Castle

Told as a story explaining why it snows at Christmas, Edward Scissorhands is a film that tugs at your heart-strings. The love between Edward and Kim is forbidden until this moment, where they share a cute kiss before Kim runs back to her life, leaving Edward alone in the castle. (Kiss at 0:19)

5) Bridget Jones’s Diary – Bridget and Mark Kiss in the Snow

It may not be exactly Christmas, but the kiss in the snow between Mark and Bridget HAD to make the list. The will-they-won’t-they vibe throughout the whole film climaxes on this freezing evening. The kiss between the pair is heart-warming, yet hilarious as Bridget’s choice of clothes is not the most sensible, considering the time of year it is.

Bridget Jones Nice Boys Don't Kiss Like That

4) Love Actually – Natalie and David at the Airport

With “God Only Knows (What I’d Be Without You)” playing in the background, we see Natalie rushing desperately through the airport to catch Prime Minister David. With the Press all around, and cameras clicking everywhere, she jumps into his arms and they share a very passionate kiss that leaves David looking very uncomfortable…

Love Actually Natalie and David Kiss

3) Scrooged – Frank Kisses a Showgirl

Whenever the camera cuts to mistletoe, you know what’s going to happen. Then, as the showgirl starts to pull Frank’s tie closer to her, you know you are about to witness a serious kiss. And a serious kiss this is! Everyone included in the scene begins to applaud, and that’s exactly what you want to do as the audience.

2) It’s a Wonderful Life – Phone Kiss

It’s a Wonderful Life may not be number 1, but it is, without a doubt, home to one of the best kisses in film history. The famous phone scene beautifully builds up, until George and Mary can no longer resist each other. The phone is dropped, Mary is crying and George smothers her in kisses. A truly wonderful moment.

1) Batman Returns – Catwoman & Batman

Probably not the most traditional of kisses, but it definitely deserves to be the top Chritmas film kiss. When Batman falls to the floor and Catwoman climbs on top of him, they discuss mistletoe and how deadly it can be. Catwoman purrs, “A kiss can be even deadlier. If you mean it.” She then leans down, and in true cat fashion, licks Batman’s lips..and some of his mask, actually.

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Currently a student of Film Studies, Jessy has been in-love with films ever since she can remember. Watching Edward Scissorhands triggered an ongoing and never-ending infatuation with Johnny Depp, she believes Tim Burton to be wonderful and Darren Aronofsky is a genius. Hoping to make a living out of it one day, she will continue to write about films for as long as they are made.
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    I do love Bridget’s kiss. To me that’s the best last line of a movie ever. Bridget: “good boys don’t kiss like that”, mark: “yes they fu*@ing do”. Sigh. Love my Colin.