First Trailer for ‘Sassy Pants’ – When Did Haley Joel Osment Grow Up?

Sassy Pants PosterThe first trailer for Sassy Pants has made its debut online. The new indie comedy from director Coley Sohn follows the story of Bethany Pruitt (Ashely Rickards), top of her class at school – except her school is at home, taught by her overbearing mother (Anna Gunn), and the only person in her class. Bethany seeks refuge at her alcoholic gay dad’s (Diedrich Bader) mobile home, but despite the friendship she builds with his young boyfriend (Hayley Joel Osment), Bethany can’t bear sticking around. She soon seeks a path for escape at a fashion institute, but getting there might be harder than she thought.

The comedy looks to have all the quirky humour you might find in films like Me, You and Everyone We Know, or to a lesser extent Sideways. The most surprising appearance is Haley Joel Osment, who I presumed missing in the sea of lost former child acting stars. He looks and sounds completely different, which is what obviously happens in life, but when you’re stuck in film time in film’s like Sixth Sense and A.I. it’s shocking and refreshing to see him in a very different role.

Sassy Pants opens at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival on Saturday 28 January 2012. Here’s the trailer

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