Is ‘Chronicle’ Director Josh Trank About To Reboot The Fantastic Four?

Fantastic FourThe original Fantastic Four films were hardly dismal failures, the sequel in particular going a long way toward capturing that comic book camaraderie prevalent in the family of super-heroes.  However Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer was released all of four years ago, and never let it be said that Hollywood sat on it’s hands when it comes to refreshing a franchise.  Talks of a reboot (surely the word of the decade) have been doing the rounds for some time. Various rumours of director and plot have surfaced including David Yates, a CGI Thing and the strong likelihood that none of the original cast would be involved.  Slowly though all this seemed to die a death with nothing resulting from the rumours and chatter.  However the idea has raised it’s head once more this morning with a new name connected.  Josh Trank is the director of forthcoming found footage/superhero film Chronicle, due out in a couple of weeks, and it seems his début effort has piqued the interest of Twentieth Century Fox.  Apparently Tranks name has risen to the top of a very small pile as Fox’s first choice of director should a new FF project ever see the light of day.  To be honest it makes a lot of sense, Fox are already distributors of Chronicle and if that film proves anything it’s that Trank is able to direct an ensemble cast in a super-powered movie.  With the Spiderman reboot due out later in the year and the X-Men reboot gaining rave reviews after last years First Class surely the super family that is the Fantastic Four deserve another shot.

Source: Moviefone

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