‘Mad Men’ Creator Gets First Feature Film

The creator of Mad Men, Matthew Weiner, who last March signed on for another two years of the television series, will soon be taking his talent to the big screen to direct his very first feature film entitled, You Are Here.  The film, which was also written by Weiner, has been eight years in the making and is looking to start shooting in South Carolina this May.

You Are Here follows the story of a local weatherman/bachelor Steve (played by Owen Wilson) as he goes on a road trip with his pal Ben who is a ‘bi-polar man-child’ (Zach Galifianakis).  They embark on the journey after finding out that Ben’s father has died and when they finally get home they find out he had big plans for his son.  Along the way Ben has to deal with his sister Terri (Parks and Recreation‘s hilarious Amy Poehler) as well as Steve’s desire to bed his father’s widow.  It sounds like a humourous premise, though ‘man-child’ isn’t exactly a stretch for Galifianakis at this stage.

With Weiner being heralded as one of the most creative minds in television it will be interesting to watch his transition from small screen 60’s to big screen comedy.  However, if the style of Mad Men is any indication, it should feature some intriguing narrative and great deal of attention to detail.

Source: Comingsoon.net, Screenrant.com