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New Snow White and the Huntsman TV Spot

The stint of Snow White is upon us. Mirror Mirror floats into UK cinemas next Monday, 2 April, with the promise of sillyness and slapstick laughs a-plenty. However, I’m much more excited to see Snow White and the Huntsman, which looks like a much darker, visceral re-imagining of the popular fairy tale. And here’s a brand new TV spot for the movie, which hits UK cinema screens in June (1 June 2012, to be exact).

Charlize Theron looks exquisitely malevolent as the evil queen, sucking the youth from young women and generally being quite mean.  Combine that with some absolutely fantastic looking creatures from the Dark Forest, plus some raging wars, for me it looks like a hands down win in the Snow White battle.  Check out the new TV spot below.

Source: Total Film

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