First Trailer For ‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ Touches Down In Style

The Elder Scrolls OnlineZenimax Online Studios are obviously not ones to sit on their hands because here, as promised, is that first trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online.  Featuring a voice-over by a suitably powerful wizard, Michael Gambon channelling his best Dumbledore, and a twisted triple-headed sigil it’s an epic trailer indeed.

What it isn’t is particularly enlightening visually, in fact sigil aside there’s nothing on show at all.  Of course it’s early days yet, we’re looking at a 2013 release date after all so there’s plenty of time to show of those visuals.  What we can glean from this trailer is the possible nature of those three warring factions promised yesterday.  If the sigil is designed to represent their endless battle then we can safely assume that they’ll be represented by dragon, lion and griffon (or hawk) respectively.  We’re sure to hear more on the game in this years E3 when it comes to LA this June.  We’ll certainly be keeping an eye on any announcements from Zenimax or Bethesda, that’s for sure.

Source: The Elder Scrolls Online