Red Band ‘Maniac’ Trailer Goes For The Throat

maniac-posterManiac was never going to be an easy film to watch, but as you can see from our review it’s certainly a compelling one.   Well you can start to make your own mind up now by watching the first red band trailer for the film.  Featuring Elijah Wood as Frank it’s the story of one man’s violent crusade against the abusive memory of his mother.  The new trailer is a lot more polished then the one we saw recently and features a lot of new footage, but be warned it’s light on exposition and heavy on the scalping!

Yes Frank has a certain penchant for female hairpieces which, once he’s successfully removed them from their previous owner, he displays on the mannequins in his shop.  As has been remarked on by my fellow writers here, Wood is almost transcendentally psychotic in his portrayal of Frank.  The quiet menace and explosive acts of violence on display here certainly give him a chance to connect with his inner demon.  There’s even an homage to the original film poster toward the end, have a look below and see if you can spot it, but be warned maniac is not for the faint-hearted!

Source: Twitch

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