Suspense-Filled Trailer For ‘Citadel’

What would you do if you witnessed the horrific death of your pregnant wife? Well, the new suspense-filled trailer for Citadel explores one man’s reaction to said incident. As can be expected, Tommy (Aneurin Barnard) does not take the news particularly well and transforms in to an agoraphobic, paranoid and frightened individual. Trying to lead a normal life becomes impossible ass he attempts to protect his daughter from a gang of hooded youths who, he believes, are set on killing her.

The trailer works very well at creating a tense and eerie atmosphere. We share in Tommy’s fears as he walks around his apartment complex where evil lurks around every corner. Everywhere he looks there’s something out to get him and even a should-be helpful priest says, “They’re going to come looking for her, you know that.” Well, thanks very much for the words of comfort. The “scum” that are sending shivers down his spine are not your typical hooded thugs, either. They’re disfigured and hunch-backed with faces that are barely seen. The trailer is fantastically creepy and it certainly seems that Citadel should be a promising psychological horror from Ciaran Foy.

Watch the trailer in full below and share your comments.


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