TIFF 12: New Trailer for ‘Picture Day’, Plus Music from ElastoCitizens

Picture DayPremiering Friday at the Toronto International Film Festival was a Canadian production called Picture Day. It is the debut feature from filmmaker Kate Mellville and paints a realistic picture of a teenager caught on the line between adolescence and adulthood. The story revolves around Claire (Tatiana Maslany), a girl who is stuck repeating her last year at high school due to her chronic absenteeism and indifference to her classes. She should be at university or at a job enjoying the ‘freedoms’ of adulthood however instead she spends time rebelling against the constraints of her school life, partying every night, cutting class and smoking weed.

On one night of clubbing, she meets Jim (Steven McCarthy), the lead singer of a funk band called the ElastoCitizens and falls into his adult world. At the same, she starts to form a bond with Henry (Spencer Van Wyk), a former babysitting charge, who has just started at her high school. Between sleeping with Jim and trying to, laughably, help Henry gain friends at his new school, Claire is caught between two worlds and the flaws and attractions that each contains.

Picture Day is a formidable debut from Mellville (a full review is coming soon) and contains realistic performances from its three leads.  You can catch the trailer for the feature, and in addition, the REAL ElastoCitizens, for which McCarthy actually does sing, is previewing some new music from their upcoming EP.  To download their music (free for a limited time!) you can check out their website!

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