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Slasher Movies Top 10 – Halloween Special

Tomorrow is Halloween and what better way is there to celebrate the eve of All Hallows Eve than by watching a few people getting knocked off? Exactly, there is no better way. For the sole purpose of your entertainment I will countdown what I think to be the 10 best and bloodiest slasher movies.

10) I Know What You Did Last Summer 

It may not be one of the most original of horror films, but I Know What You Did Last Summer is definitely worthy of its place on this list because it has the best looking cast. Nonetheless, their good looks do not prevent them from being killed by the hook-handed fisherman killer. It’s a film that has plenty of screams, plenty of kills and one of those annoyingly entertaining “what happens next!?” endings. Cue I STILL Know What You Did Last Summer and, if you can believe it, I’ll ALWAYS Know What You Did Last Summer.

9) Halloween

I’m going to start this one by saying I am not a huge fan of Halloween. This being said, I can definitely respect it as being one of the best slasher movies and that’s why it’s made this list. Halloween is a film that will be watched for generations and generations and Michael Myers will always spring to mind when you have to think horror’s greatest villains. It could be argued that Halloween triggered the onset of the slasher genre and that most films of the same genre that were after it just tried to copy it. The awful remakes have nothing on the original. Halloween does not rely on blood and gore to scare; most of the frights come with John Carpenter’s great ability to create tension and suspense.

8) Friday 13th

Not only does Friday 13th have one of the best horror endings ever, it has some of the best on-screen deaths that include a very young Kevin Bacon getting stabbed in bed. The music in Friday 13th is absolutely great and is probably the scariest elements of the film. For a film that was made over 30 years ago, it still brings enough blood, screams and scares to please horror fans of today. Jason Vorhees may not be the killer in this first film, but he can still be classed as one hell of a horrifying slasher.

7) Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil

They may not be intentional killers, but Tucker and Dale definitely deserve a place in the top 10 slashers because they are abs­­olutely hilarious ones. This is a film that pokes fun at almost every slasher film trope there is and has a whale of a time doing so. Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil is about the biggest and most unfortunate misunderstanding that could happen to anyone. They accidently kidnap a young woman called Alison and fall victim to ridiculous and devastating circumstances when they try to return her to her friends. One of the best scenes pays homage to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and sees Tucker innocently sawing down a tree, hitting a bees nest and then in a desperate attempt to escape, chases one of Alison’s friends (chainsaw in hand) who meets his bitter end by running straight through a tree branch.

6) American Psycho

American Psycho is not your typical slasher movie. In this one, the sole focus is on the killer and the wondrous thing about it is, we will absolutely love him. Patrick Bateman is an absolutely fabulous killer. Whether it be the scene where he puts a raincoat on to kill Jared Leto with an axe or when he chases a couple of women with a chainsaw, we feel for him and not his victims. Witnessing his never-ending spiral in to madness is a gripping, funny and unforgettable viewing experience that has a perfect performance by Christian Bale.

5) Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Not only is Leatherface one of the most terrifying horror villains to grace the screen, what makes The Texas Chainsaw Massacre even worse is that it’s based on a true story. Additionally, the weapon Leatherface chooses is probably the most destructive and frightening there is. Is there a more painful way to die than by a chainsaw? It must definitely be in the top 5, at least. This is one of the most tense and scariest films, ever. The manic way Leatherface runs after his helpless victims is utterly terrifying. A lot of the time you hear the sound of the chainsaw before you see who’s carrying it, but who else is it going to be?

4) Final Destination

Forget the ridiculous sequels, the original Final Destination is where the greatness happens. What’s more fun than watching a group of pretty young people being killed? A group of young people getting killed by death. That’s right, in Final Destination our protagonists have escaped death once, and now death himself (herself?) is after them. There are some gruesome deaths in this one: strangulation, decapitation and the infamous girl-gets-hit-by-superfast-bus.

3) Psycho

An Alfred Hitchcock classic, Psycho set a pretty high benchmark for horror films in general when it was released way back in 1960. The great thing about this film is that it withstands age and can still be enjoyed today in 2012. Not many films can do this, but Psycho doesn’t rely on blood, gore and special effects to scare its audience, it’s all about the building of suspense that is accompanied by chilling music. Even if you haven’t seen Psycho, you will have seen THAT shower scene and it’s a brilliant scene at that. Psycho is definitely one of the greatest horror films there is; it’s unpredictable, greatly acted, jumpy and has an ending you won’t see coming.

2) A Nightmare On Elm Street

Freddy Krueger will always be a name that will send shivers down your spine, falling asleep was never quite the same after you saw this one was it? It’s no surprise, Freddy and his razor-sharp blades screeching on everything they touch will probably haunt me forever. A Nightmare on Elm Street has some of the greatest and bloodiest moments in film, all courtesy of one burnt-faced and terrifying individual.

1) Scream

Ah yes, Scream of course! I hear you say. Scream may not be where the slasher movie began, but it definitely takes all the slasher elements, gives them a bit of a jumble and produces something pretty damn entertaining. Whether it be its subtle comedy or gruesome deaths, it cannot be denied that Scream is one of, if not THE best slasher movie. It has a great ending that you won’t see coming and Ghostface is one of the creepiest killers out there. He hides at the end of a telephone asking you what your favourite scary movie is and then BAM! He’s gotcha.

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