Skyfall is the UK’s Biggest Ever Box Office Success

One Sheet for Mendes' BondIt has been revealed today that Sam Mendes‘ James Bond 007 outing Skyfall has become the biggest box office success in UK cinema history. Having taken approximately £93.8 million by the weekend, the film has now pushed up it’s figures to record-breaking territory by claiming precisely £94,277,612 in 40 days, beating the former champion Avatar.

Perhaps what’s more impressive and quite frankly amazing, is that James Cameron‘s film amounted a £94 million gross in the UK with a mixture of 3D screenings and 2D screenings across a mammoth timespan of 11 months. Skyfall has beaten in with 2D and a handful of IMAX screenings in just over a single month.

Globally, Skyfall has been the biggest financial success of the Daniel Craig era too. In 2006, Casino Royale racked up a healthy sum of $599 million worldwide whilst 2008’s Quantum of Solace saw a tiny dip, earning $591 million, but Mendes’ 2012 picture has claimed a staggering $870 million and it’s not showing any signs of stopping yet. Plus the US and other major film markets didn’t get Skyfall until November 4th; over a week later than the UK.

As well as being a huge hit with audiences, critics have loved the film too including us here at Filmoria. You can read our gleaming verdict here and can assume it’ll probably feature on our top 10 list this year.

Skyfall is still on release worldwide and stars Daniel CraigJudi DenchJavier BardemRalph FiennesBen Whishaw and Albert Finney.

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