Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai Admits PS4 Unveiling Will Depend On Microsoft

Kazuo HiraiThe next-gen speculation rolls on after a week where expectations on details from both Sony and Microsoft have seemingly heightened. With Nintendo having already swept in for the Christmas rush with their effort in the Wii U we still await a next Playstation and Xbox to surface, with very little to go by so far. Sony, it seems, are willing to play it patient, according to CEO Kazuo Hirai, as he announced that they are willing to see Microsoft make the first move.

In the business section of Monday’s The Times, Hirai admitted the entertainment giant would be playing by Microsoft’s first move in the race to competing in the next-gen console stakes.

Why go first, when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?

A logical response to speculation on his part but it does pose the question as to how far Sony are down the line in preparing for the next steps in console gaming. With rumours of the DualShock controller seeing its final days fuelling Playstation 4 speculation recently, and French developer Quantic Dream registering a domain under the name of ‘’ it remains to be seen when Sony will finally buckle and reveal something.

With E3 hitting Los Angeles in June, it may be several months until we receive full official notification of Sony’s entry into what will be a revolutionary period in the world of gaming as a whole new level is reached. For now we can only predict who will make the first move and what can be expected in terms of advancement in console offerings.

Source: IGN

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