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DOCTOR WHO 3D Episode Announced

doctor who christmas specialIt’s a big year for our much loved Doctor Who – not only is the series turning fifty in November but it is also getting an episode in 3D. The show’s writer and producer Steven Moffat has said that the episode will bring ‘a whole new dimension of adventure for the Doctor to explore’, adding:

‘Technology has finally caught up with Doctor Who and your television is now bigger on the inside.’

This isn’t the first time our hero has stepped into the world of 3D. Way back in 1993 – for Doctor Who’s thirtieth birthday and for Children in Need – a two-part special 3D episode was filmed featuring previous Doctors and the then current Doctor Sylvester McCoy. Also along for the adventure was the Doctor’s companion Ace played by Sophie Aldred as well as the cast of the BBC soap, EastEnders.

The new episode will be released on the BBC HD channel as well as playing in 3D-ready cinemas around the country. No plot details have been released on the episode but we know that Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman will return and be plunged straight back into action as our heroes.

Another announcement made by the BBC is that there will be a one off show called An Adventure In Space And Time that will tell the story of how the show and the first ever episode, An Unearthly Child, came to be made. It’s penned by Sherlock co-creator Mark Gatiss who is best known for starring in The League of Gentlemen and also appeared in two episodes of Doctor Who -The Lazarus Experiment and The Wedding of River Song.

It will star David Bradley (Harry Potter) as the first Doctor William Hartnell, with Jessica Raine (Call the Midwife) playing Verity Lambert, the founding producer of the long running show whose vision brought it to the small screen back in 1963.

Source: The Telegraph

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