PACIFIC RIM Reveals Monstrous New Photos

Pacific Rim UK posterNot one but EIGHT exciting new photos have been released for Guillermo Del Toro‘s sci-fi monster movie, Pacific Rim. According to Slashfilm, the buzz  from a recent preview screening of the upcoming movie from the visionary filmmaker behind Pan’s Labyrinth and both Hellboy films has been largely positive. High praise was also tweeted by Looper director Rian Johnson.

Pacific Rim is of course directed by Guillermo Del Toro and is shaping up to be one of this year’s biggest releases. The script is written by del Toro along with Travis Beacham, of Clash of the Titans fame and has an impressive lineup including British actors Idris Elba (Thor, Luther), Charlie Hunnam and Torchwood favourite Burn Gorman along with Rinko Kikuchi and Hellboy himself, Ron Perlman.

The film deals with a futuristic Earth under attack from alien invaders called Kaiju, whom mankind must fight by creating massive robots called Jaegers. The action of the movie starts fifteen years after the terrifying monsters first emerged from the Pacific Ocean. Hunnam will portray washed up ex-Jaeger pilot Raleigh Beckett, who’s seeking a second chance and according to Del Toro, has a “very noble heart and a very good presence”. When human existence is threatened, mankind must pilot giant robots called Jaegers to defeat the alient menace. Kikuchi plays his trainee Mako Mori who has her own inner demons to do battle with, whilst Elba p Stacker Pentecost.

Check out these monstrous new photos!

Pacific Rim is slated for a US and UK release on 12th July.

Source: Slashfilm via USA Today

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