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Steven Spielberg To Turn Kubrick’s NAPOLEON Into TV Miniseries

Steven Spielberg will turn Kubrick's unfinished Napoleon project into a TV miniseriesSteven Spielberg may not have come away with an Oscar for his latest movie, Lincoln, but it looks like we won’t be waiting too long for another historical project from the director.

In an interview with French television network Canal+, Spielberg has announced that he plans to turn Stanley Kubrick‘s unfinished script for an epic biopic about Napoleon Bonaparte, simply titled Napoleon, into a TV miniseries, and that he’s working in conjunction with the Kubrick estate in order to do so.

Stanley Kubrick is almost as famous for the films he didn’t make as he is for the ones that got to the big screen, and Napoleon is undoubtedly the most notorious. The director conducted years of meticulous research, taking thousands of location shots and even going so far as to enlist the help of the Romanian army for the battle scenes.

Sadly, the project fell through after studios refused to finance something so costly. Kubrick instead went on to make Barry Lyndon with some of the research, and although he never abandoned the project, he was unable to finish it before his death in 1999.

This isn’t the first time Spielberg has taken the reins of a Kubrick idea; at the director’s own request, Spielberg took on the project that would later become one of his biggest films: AI: Artifical Intelligence. Hopefully this time, Spielberg will be able to resist tacking on an overly saccharine ending to an ingenious story.

There’s been no word yet on when this project will come to light, but considering the amount on Spielberg’s plate it probably won’t be for a while: he’s currently working on another series similar to Band of Brothers with Tom Hanks and an adaptation of Daniel H Wilson‘s Robopocalypse, all on top of being announced as the jury president for this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Source: The Playlist

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