Lavish poster unveiled for Neil Jordan’s BYZANTIUM

Following the release of a full-length trailer last week, a new poster has been unveiled for Neil Jordan’s upcoming vampire epic Byzantium. Featuring stars Gemma Arterton and Saoirse Ronan, the image is as visually dramatic and elegant as the trailer and teases one of the more memorable scenes we can expect in the film.

A starker and more poetic take on the vampire trend of late, Byzantium is the story of Eleanor and Clara (played by Ronan and Arterton, respectively), a mother and daughter who have endured for centuries as vampires. Clara has spent much of that time trying to protect herself and her daughter from the suspicious glances of humans and fellow vampires, the latter of which believe that vampires should be a company of men only. Eleanor wrestles with the plight of being an old soul in the body of an eternal teenager, a familiar story in vampire lore but one likely to be given new poignancy by Ronan’s delicate features. In the film, she meets a fellow sixteen-year-old outcast (played by Caleb Landry-Jones) and becomes attached to him, potentially endangering the sanctity that her mother has cultivated for them.

Early buzz for this film has been very positive and the trailer suggested an emotive, bleak interpretation of Moira Buffini’s play. Director Jordan has some experience in this area – he helmed the 1994 adaptation of Anne Rice’s bestselling Interview with the Vampire as well as the 1984 fairytale reimagining The Company of Wolves. His clinical, austere style seems to fit the supernatural and often adds a harsh resonance to otherworldly stories.

Byzantium opens in UK cinemas on May 31st and will receive a limited US release from June 28th. You can check out the new poster below. The theatrical poster was released last year and can be viewed here.

Quad_AW_[23155] Byzantium