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Matt Smith and Ryan Gosling on the set of HOW TO CATCH A MONSTER

Matt Smith has been snapped with Ryan Gosling on the set How To Catch A Monster.  The Doctor Who actor is sporting a clipped haircut (much to the bemusement of some Doctor Who fans), sitting on what looks like a tatty armchair on the back of a vintage Cadillac.  His attire certainly looks eclectic too, but then again this is Matt Smith – it would be strange to see him in anything less-than eclectic. Ryan  Gosling stands at the actor’s side, giving him some pointers (literally).

How To Catch A Monster is Gosling’s directorial debut, shooting from an original script he also wrote.  The story is a fantasy thriller about single mother called Billy who is swept into dark fantasy underworld while her teenage son discovers a secret road to an underwater town.

Matt Smith stars as one of the underworld’s more unsavoury characters, a chap named Bully.  Ryan Gosling’s Drive co-star and Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks stars as mother, Billy.  Rob ZabreckyEva Mendes, Ben Mendelsohn and Saoirse Ronan also co-star.

Warner Bros have snapped up the US rights for a reported $3 Million.  Sierra/Affinity will handle overseas rights.  There’s been no hints to when we might expect to see the film.

Personally, I couldn’t be more excited – a dark, adult fantasy thriller?  There certainly isn’t enough of them being made and this sounds awesome.

The film is currently shooting on location in Detroit.  Expect to hear more news very soon.

Ryan Gosling Matt Smith in How to Catch A MonsterSource: Eonline


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