Oscar Isaac Is Betrayed In ‘Ticky Tacky’ Trailer

Oscar Isaac in Inside Llewyn Davis He’s fast becoming one of the go-to, up-and-coming actors within the Hollywood community, and now Oscar Isaac follows up his leading man performance in the Coen Brothers’ Inside Llewyn Davis with a tale of betrayal in the short film, Ticky Tacky.

Due for its festival world premiere in the summer, Ticky Tacky has a brilliant new trailer showcasing the tale of Oscar Isaac’s wealthy businessman who finds himself at the hands of a betrayal by those closest to him.

Set in the confines of what looks to be his office, stacked full of books and expensive furniture, we see Isaac as he breaks down following the deceit and hatching a plan for revenge.

The 15-minute short certainly looks to be an intriguing and laughter-filled event, with the main star revelling in a role that clearly has him utlilising his acting chops and really selling his character.

Watch the trailer below.

Ticky Tacky also stars Erika Rankin, Tim Rock, Helen Rogers and Julian Shatkin, and is directed by Brian Petsos.

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