First Look at Jason Momoa as Aquaman from ‘Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice’

Batman Vs. SupermanAfter a prolonged social media absence (much likely due to you know, capturing potentially one of the biggest blockbusters ever…), director Zack Snyder jumped on Twitter to reveal the first look at his Aquaman from the forthcoming DC Comics epic Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Gone is the glossy and frequently mocked orange scales and girly trident, instead a chiseled, bearded Jason Momoa stands laden with iron-black armour looking surprisingly demonic as he channels some Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones.

Sporting tattoos, guyliner and a striking strap-line, the character unveiling will likely split audiences massively just like all comic book-to-screen transitions, but it is pleasing to see the filmmaker changing the face of those residing in his life and truly employing his visionary notions to these tried and tested personas.

The debut still of Momoa can be seen below and he’ll join Henry Cavill,Ben Affleck, Amy Adams, Jesse Eisenberg and Gal Gadot for the 2016 release.

Jason Momoa

Source: Twitter

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