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Watch: Superb First Trailer For Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
Film4 have today debuted the first trailer for their upcoming black comedy Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri – the latest effort from acclaimed writer-director Martin McDonagh (In Bruges, Seven Psychopaths). The film, the fourth of McDonagh’s career, stars Frances McDormand as a woman whose daughter is murdered in a small town. Struggling to come to terms with her death and the lack of police success in finding her killer, she... Read more
New Justice League Posters Unveiled; Trailer Arrives Saturday
It looks like the promotional train is about to leave the station for Warner Bros and DC’s big film of 2017, Justice League, with a new trailer for the film set to be unveiled online on Saturday, exactly one year after the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. And to tease the film even further, the first two posters for the Zack Snyder-directed superhero team-up have been released which showcases new looks at the films logo and that... Read more
CHiPs (2017) Review
Television-to-film adaptations have had a checkered history over the years – while Star Trek, Mission: Impossible and Sex and the City have had success, at least in box office terms, there have been some real shockers brought to the big screen. On the other hand, The Honeymooners, The Avengers and Lost in Space and many others have failed to translate their tales. CHiPs (California Highway Patrol), the latest and long-gestating adaptation of... Read more
Life (2017) Review
The famous film proverb reads “In space, no-one can hear you scream”. Well, the one that’s been famous since 1977. Since then many have tried and failed to replicate the claustrophobic terrors of Ridley Scott’s seminal sci-fi masterpiece and now 40 years later, it’s the turn of Life to step up to the plate and try its luck. But where others have floundered, Daniel Espinosa’s alien-loose-in-space tale does very admirably... Read more
The Salesman (2017) Review
It’s been something of a strange pre-release for Asghar Farhadi’s latest The Salesman. Even before many get the chance to see the film, it has been the subject of much talk due to events in the US in recent months, but in a strange way this all works in its favour. Farhadi’s latest has been building in momentum and anticipation throughout the period, and indeed its recent win for Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards in February only... Read more
The Batman Set For Another Rewrite?
Just when we thought that the DCEU had begun to straighten itself out with some promising news it seems another spanner has been thrown in the works, but this one might not be such a bad thing. After some back-and-forth over the director’s chair, it was announced last month that acclaimed director Matt Reeves was indeed taking over from Ben Affleck for the standalone The Batman and following that news it seems Reeves and co are set for a bit... Read more
The Lego Batman Movie (2017) Review
Such was the success of The Lego Movie – both box office terms and reactions – that a sequel of sorts was always on the cards, but rather than jump straight in with a follow-up the creative team decided to tackle one of the original’s true highlights – Batman, or more specifically Will Arnett’s Batman. But do audiences want another funny, colourful, indulgent “Dark” Knight after the mess that was created the last time it... Read more
New Trailer For Comedy Snatched Arrives
After a slew of new trailers and sneak peeks arrived over the Super Bowl weekend, the treats just keep on coming with a brand new trailer for upcoming comedy Snatched, which you can view in the player below. The new raunchy-looking comedy sees the long-awaited return to the big screen of the legendary Goldie Hawn, her first film for over 15 years since she starred in 2002  comedy The Banger Sisters opposite Susan Sarandon. Snatched sees her team... Read more
Resident Evil: The Last Chapter (2017) Review
Video game adaptations have had a hard run of it – many artists have tried to replicate the magic from the keyboard or console but to mostly disappointing results thus far. Last Christmas, Assassin’s Creed tried its luck with a hugely promising artistic group of director Justin Kurzel and actors Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard and Jeremy Irons. The results, yet again, were underwhelming. But one franchise, Resident Evil, has been flying... Read more
Is Nicole Kidman Heading Underwater For Aquaman?
It’s been another tumultuous week or two in the land of Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Comics’ Expanded Cinematic Universe – first, news broke that The Flash was getting a “page-one re-write” as problems continued with the project; and earlier this week Ben Affleck announced that he was stepping down as director of The Batman, to focus instead on starring, co-writing and producing the film. Indeed, there were even some... Read more