Australia's ultimate Scream Queen.

Ben ClarkeGaming Writer

I'm a long time gamer, MMO player. I love gaming communities and writing about games. I'm also a Whiskey enthusiast and I have a deep love for Star Wars. Especially the games!

Callum Harrison

Second Year Filmmaking Student at Kingston University London. Screenwriter - Reader- Videogamer - Film Watcher

Charlie DerryFilm critic and feature writer

A journalism graduate and freelance proofreader, I'm a massive fan of both books and literature, and love to read books that are about to be adapted.

Chris Haydon

Sub-Editor of Filmoria. Dwayne Johnson's No.1 fan. Arthouse celebrator. Romancer of all things Michael Haneke & Woody Allen. Irrevocably in love with Felicity Jones. She'll be my wife one day; you'll see...

Jade Sayers

Vehement believer that Jurassic Park is the greatest movie of all time.

James ThompsonEditor

Managing Editor of Filmoria. My favourite movie is Donnie Darko, I'm a Denzel Washington worshipper and one day I will meet my dream Hollywood wife, Emma Stone.

James Wheatley

Usually found at the cinema or a comic con. Lover of comic book movies, awards season gems and most things in between.

Kev Stewart

Hi, I'm K.J. AKA Kev. I'm a big movie fan (especially comic book movies) and a writer/editor by trade. I've written for the likes of ScreenRant, TheRichest, DailySuperheroes, Paste Magazine, WhatCulture, CollegeHumor and various other websites and publications. My work has been viewed around 140 million times.

Kevin PerreauContributor

When I'm not watching a good TV show, I'm watching a bad TV show.

Liz Tresidder

Liz Tresidder is a film student who enjoys writing film reviews and bios about herself in the third person.

Martin WhiteFilm reviewer

I just love and adore movies. That's just as plain simple and clear as I can make that statement. I love movies of all different types- movies that can make you laugh, make you cry, really get your brain working, absolutely break your heart and ones that make you frustrated with the world! The best films are always the ones that make you open up your eyes and give you a whole new outlook on life. People often tell me that I love too much when it comes to films and cinema. But honestly with film being such a wide and popular medium, can you seriously love TOO much!? The answer is a resounding no.

Ria Amber Tesia

Film loving foodie fashionista with a penchant for Gilmore Girls, coffee and cake. Digs political thrillers, crime dramas and whodunnits.

Sarah Buddery

I spend about 80 percent of my time talking about movies. And the other 20 percent of the time, I'm praying for someone else to bring up movies so I could talk about movies more. Obsessed with Star Wars, Marvel, and all things film. I also know more pointless Jaws facts than you could shake a mechanical shark at.

Scott AlldenVideo Producer/Features @

Scott, or Allden (Depending on which level of association you stand) is an avid film fan, comic reader, writer and video producer. Regularly and deftly expressing his disdain of modern film. But the way to his heart is through shared love of Coen Brothers movies, highly tensed thrillers and Star Wars.

Thomas Harris

Every waking moment, Herzog narrates. It's existential and arduous.