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Interview with ‘Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa’ director Declan Lowney

Declan Lowney directing Steve Coogan

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa was already a hit in the UK, but it’s now being released in the US, with audiences who aren’t necessarily familiar with Steve Coogan‘s hilarious character.  Fortunately, the film works on two levels and is finding ...

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10 Films We Want to See at Cannes 2014

Two Days, One Night

It’s only a little over a month until the worlds of film and celebrity collide upon the Croisette, with everyone who’s anyone heading to the French Riviera for the annual Cannes Film Festival. For two weeks, the festival will be ...

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6 Reasons Why You Should be Watching ‘Mad Men’

Season Seven of Mad Men

After six seasons, one of the most ambitious shows in TV history is heading into it’s final season.  Mad Men, the show which seemed to put the AMC cable channel on the map will begin its final season this month ...

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5 Reasons Why You Should be Watching ‘True Detective’

true detective season 1 review

It has a premise like a hundred detective shows that have come through the decades. A murder happens, grizzly and wild and a mismatched pair of murder detectives get assigned the case and end up facing their own demons aswell ...

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21 Best Disney Villains of All Time


The majority of their movies may be saccharine sweet, but that hasn’t stopped Walt Disney from trying to go dark in the past.  Some, if not most of these attempts have been met with a lackluster reception (The Black Cauldron ...

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Interview with ‘Sparks’ Co-Directors Christopher Folino and Todd Burrows (Part 1)

Chris Folino Austin Coleman

How do you make a superhero movie in two weeks on a micro-budget?  It was a question filmmaker Christopher Folino had to ask himself when he decided to adapt his own graphic novel, Sparks, as feature film.  The solution Folino ...

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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching ‘Arrow’


As far as television programmes go, one of the most appealing in recent times is most certainly forged from the pages of DC Comics, as the story of Oliver Queen graces our screens in the enthralling Arrow. A flagship title ...

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Interview with ‘Veronica Mars’ Star Jason Dohring

Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring

Jason Dohring had been acting for 10 years before he landed the role of Logan Echolls on the television series Veronica Mars.  From a relatively small role as the school bully, his role in the series was eventually promoted to ...

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Kristen Bell Talks About ‘Frozen’ Experience

Frozen_Walt Disney P2

Frozen has proven to be an unstoppable force at the global box office. The Oscar-winning Disney hit is now officially the highest-grossing animated film of all time. This week its international ticket sales passed the $1 billion mark, placing it ahead ...

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‘Game of Thrones’ Profiles: Across the Narrow Sea


As part of our refresher look at the many families, houses, and people of Game of Thrones, Grace takes a look at those based on and beyond the Narrow Sea. House Targaryen Natives of the Seven Kingdoms, Daenerys (Dany) (Emilia ...

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