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The Evolution of Paul Thomas Anderson Films

Paul Thomas Anderson

For all his critical acclaim, you couldn’t label Paul Thomas Anderson as a director of great experience, with his debut feature film Hard Eight hitting screens in 1996. Just as John is guided by Sydney in Hard Eight, so are ...

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Acting Profiles: Scoot McNairy

Black Sea

Texan Scoot McNairy is one of the most in demand American actors working today. Last year, he starred in four very different films; Frank, Non-Stop, The Rover, and Gone Girl. And in each, he played a completely different (sometimes unrecognizable) ...

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Hidden Identities


To celebrate the release of the second season of BANSHEE on Blu-ray and DVD on 26th January 2015, we take a look at the films and TV shows that have put hidden identities at the heart of their double-minded characters ...

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Acting Profile: Dan Stevens

Dan Stevens in The Cobbler

We had several actors in 2014 who broke free from typecasting and showed a bit of the potential and range they were capable of. But the evolution of Dan Stevens has been especially exciting to witness over the last 12 ...

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Selma’s “Oscar Snub” Highlights Industry Blinders


The biggest news when the Oscars were announced Thursday morning were not surprise nominations that made it after being absent from the predictions list. Most of the nominees were expected and had been highlighted at awards. Rather, exclusions were the headlines…especially ...

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For Your Consideration: Outside the Box Oscar Picks

Only Lovers Left Alive

This Thursday, the 2015 Oscar Nominations will be announced. After months of best of lists and awards from critics and peers, we have a sense of the most likely contenders. And while some are very deserving of these honors, there ...

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Filmoria’s Editor is running to raise money for Children with cancer and Cystic Fibrosis Trust

Richard Lennox - Filmoria

Hey. How’s it going? I’m Filmoria’s Editor-in-chief, Richard Lennox. Sorry for hijacking the film news, but I just wanted to talk to you about something important for a second. As a massive film fan, I spend quite a bit of ...

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‘Into The Woods’ European Press Conference Report


Transferring a celebrated and iconic theatre show to the big screen is always tricky, however, where Stephen Sondheim is concerned (West Side Story, Sweeney Todd), the stakes are even higher. Still director Rob Marshall (Chicago, Nine) and Disney took on ...

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‘Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb’ – Behind the Scenes

Night at the Museum 3

Larry (Ben Stiller) and the gang are back again bigger than ever for one final night to save the day in Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. With the source of the life giving magic fading from the ...

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‘Guardians of the Galaxy': Marvel’s Successful Trump Card

Guardians poster

In their catalogue of superheroes, uber-villains and other-worldly individuals, Marvel have an ever-evolving cinematic universe from which to grow ever popular. But while the cornerstones of their success appear to be reaching their transitional periods, risks have to be taken ...

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