Acting Profiles: Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams Aloha

Canadian Rachel McAdams is perhaps best known for her work in the romantic drama genre.  Films such as The Time Traveler’s Wife, The Vow and the more recent About Time seem to make up the majority of her filmography.  On ...

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Acting Profiles: Zac Efron


Once dismissed by many as merely a ‘teen idol’, few actors are as interesting or have quite as much ‘movie star charisma’ as Zac Efron. Throughout his still relatively short career (he’s only 27) he’s gone from Disney Channel movies ...

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Weekly Round-Up – ‘Vacation’

Vacation 1

It’s that time of week again where we have to brush ourselves off from the excitement of the weekend and garner the energy to get through yet another working week. Fear not though, as we at Filmoria could have the ...

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Acting Profiles: Simon Pegg

Absolutely Anything

Simon Pegg is among one of the lucky British actors to have made it big on both sides of the Atlantic. Making his name with early 90s and 2000s comedies such as cult hits Spaced, Black Books and sketch show ...

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Weekly Round-Up Pt 2 – ‘Trainwreck’ & ‘The Man From UNCLE’


This weekend sees a triple-bill of big releases within the realms of your local multiplex and, after our strong grilling of Pixels, we bring to you our second video round-up. This time around, we are talking Amy Schumer‘s Trainwreck and ...

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Weekly Round-Up – Pixels

Pixels screen

This week you lucky folks don’t have only one of our videos to treat yourselves with, but a fantastic two, highlighting the week’s releases in the company of our editors, Chris and James. First up is a rather special focus ...

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Movie’s Unconventional Crime-Fighting Duos


This week we’re bringing to you a focus on Guy Ritchie‘s The Man From U.N.C.L.E. which focuses on Henry Cavill‘s CIA agent Napoleon Solo matched with the KGB’s finest in Illya Kuryakin (Armie Hammer). As one of the most recent ...

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‘The Man From UNCLE’ – The TV Original


The moment Guy Ritchie announced he was making the film, he had me at UNCLE. Because I remember The Man From UNCLE from TV in the 60s, when you could count the number of TV stations on one hand, there ...

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Filmoria’s Most Anticipated of 2015


So we’re over halfway through the year and we’ve got to admit 2015 hasn’t yet justified its ‘blockbuster year’ tag, with only a handful of the year’s big releases well and truly making their impact. As ever, our editors Chris ...

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Send in the Clowns


Clowns (klaʊns) Comic performers who entertain with eccentric costumes, exaggerated features and/or various forms of physical humour. The single most evil and horrifying creatures of all-time. Ever. It’s safe to say clowns are divisive, but regardless of where you stand ...

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