Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Greatest Lines


Every great actor/actress has their own montage of greatest scenes or lines they’ve performed throughout their career. However, few of them can claim to rival the great Arnold Schwarzenegger when it comes to film lines that have become immortalised into ...

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Sunday Scene – Inside Doubt is Reason to Shout

Sunday Scene Banner01

For several months, leading UK cinema chain ODEON has provided audiences with their Screen Unseen privileges; public previews of forthcoming pictures – usually around five days in advance of general release. Strangely however, last Monday (22nd June) saw the fifth ...

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Is “More Teeth” What We Really Wanted from ‘Jurassic World’?


Bigger, louder and with more teeth is what the public had asked to see at Jurassic World and we don’t think you could dispute that they got what wated. The result saw our favourite prehistoric theme park not only featuring ...

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‘Jaws’ at 40 – Exclusive Interview with Spielberg Scholar Nigel Morris


Saturday (20th June) was a day of sheer filmic bliss; the terrifying, enthralling and endlessly entertaining Jaws celebrated its 40th Anniversary. To coincide with Steven Spielberg‘s beloved monster movie, we sat down with Nigel Morris – Principal film lecturer and ...

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Acting Profiles: Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock

A woman whose career has spanned nearly three decades, Sandra Bullock is the quintessential Hollywood star; lighting up every red carpet event she attends and seemingly having seen and done it all. An Oscar and Golden Globe winner, Bullock has ...

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ABC Studios Panel – Hayley Atwell & Clark Gregg


Flagship television network ABC Studios is amidst a World Tour, promoting a plethora of their sparkling content. Armed with stars from their most popular shows and prepping to meet and greet hundreds of fans, the company were allotted time to chat ...

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The Unbreakable Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston is one of the most famous women in the world, yet in her latest role she is unrecognisable as a physically and mentally scarred chronic pain sufferer who is searching for a way to find salvation. Cake – ...

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The Greatest Animated Companions


In every animated feature – be that hand-drawn, computer-generated or stop-motion – there is always a companion; some major, others relatively minor, but what is undeniable is their impact upon the project and more importantly, our culture. This statement could ...

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Sunday Scene – DC Films Rise

Sunday Scene DC

I hold my hands up; I’m unashamedly on the side of DC when it comes to the comic book universes being adapted to the big screen and, while I am impressed with what Marvel have done with their own canon ...

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Exclusive Interview: Pablo Fendrik – ‘The Burning’

The Burning Gael Garcia Bernal

You may not already be familiar with the body of work achieved by Argentinian director Pablo Fendrik, but if his latest offering The Burning (El Ardor), is anything to go by, we will be hearing a lot more from him. ...

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