Why You Should Be Watching ‘Thunderbirds Are Go’


It’s official; our screens – regardless of size – are utterly dominated by adaptations, remakes and sequels. Content of past eras have been revitalised, reimagined and ultimately recycled time and time again with limited quality results. Occasionally however, everything delicately falls into place ...

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6 Takeaways From The ‘Cinderella’ UK Press Conference


The tale of Cinderella, her evil stepmother and Prince Charming has been told countless times. Disney’s glorious animation, which was released 65 years ago, remains iconic and adored but the studio has now brought the characters to life with a ...

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Cast of ‘Divergent’ Series Make Their Mark On Hollywood


Starring in a big budget franchise, whether a young adult novel adaptation or comic book blockbuster, has become a rite of passage for dozens of aspiring actors. If the formula is right, a relative unknown can become a global celebrity ...

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Valentine’s Day: 5 Anti-Valentines Day Films

blue valentine

It’s that time of year again, Valentine’s Day. Whether you are in a happy relationship or not, this time of year always feels like romance is being forced down our throats and frankly it makes some of us feel sick. ...

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Valentine’s Day Classic: ‘Brief Encounter’

Brief Encounter

This contributor tends to be as cynical as the next person in thinking that February 14th has become too commercial and Valentine’s Day is all just so that the greetings card companies can take a bit more of our money ...

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Valentine’s Day: 11 Unhappily Ever Afters


The tragic, tear-jerking love story is a staple for Valentine’s Day movies. Whether they are stories of long lost loves, star-crossed lovers, or epic events which tear people apart, all these movies can provide an emotional catharsis. Because despite all ...

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Valentine’s Day Classic: The Philadelphia Story

The Philadelphia Story

George Cukor’s bright and scintillating Academy Award winning adaptation of the hit play by Phillip Barry, The Philadelphia Story is a romantic comedy that centers around the scandal surrounding a rich, bride-to-be socialite (Katharine Hepburn) and the potential threat to ...

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Valentine’s Day: 9 Best Indie Date Movies


Stuck for something to watch with your significant other this Valentine’s Day? It can be difficult to find something that isn’t too cheesy, or that won’t make you feel too terrible about your relationship during this lovey-dovey time. However, there’s ...

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Berlinale: Goldfinger’s Enduring Appeal


February 5th 2015 saw the start of the 65th Berlin International Film Festival in Germany. Amongst the movies jostling for the grand prize and the various Netflix series getting their debut lies a real treat for cineastes – the classic ...

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9 Coming of Age Movies About Girlhood


With all the news about Boyhood’s success  and its new release on Blu-Ray and DVD, we thought it was time to turn audiences onto some worthy stories of girls coming of age for counter-programming. From classics to lesser known indies, ...

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