Top Films To Watch This Valentine’s Day
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10 Best Movies about College and College Students
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Flip Out This Pancake Day With A TV And Movie Toss-Up!
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Poll Discovers We Are Scared Less By Horror Movies Than Politicians!
Tales from the Commons beat Tales from the Crypt Spiders, Brexit, FOMO and coriander poll higher than horror movies in Britain’s League Table of Fears   With Halloween approaching, there is mounting evidence that real world fears are eclipsing imaginary fears, according to poll for Clintons. Traditional blood curdling... Read more
Iconic Casinos from Cinema That You Can Visit in Real Life
Casinos are not the booming business they once were. While the glamour and sleaze of Vegas remains as alluring as ever, the fact is that the average casino is making less from poker and blackjack than it was twenty years ago, and millennials are not frequenting gambling establishments as... Read more
Horror’s Iconic Figureheads Of Pure Terror
For the first time since 2006, Friday the thirteenth fell in October. While this news might get paraskevidekatriaphobics (look it up, fact fans) in a spin, the rest of us can use it as an opportunity to get into the Halloween spirit a whole 18 days early. What’s more,... Read more
2017’s Highest Grossing Film – Can Beauty and the Beast hold on?
At the start of 2017, the eighth instalment of Star Wars quickly became firm favourite to end the year as highest-grossing film at the US box office, despite its mid-December release date. That was before the release of Beauty and the Beast in March and Wonder Woman in June,... Read more
How well do the settings for Sci Fi classics match with reality?
From Victorian dreamers such as H.G. Wells and Jules Verne through to modern authors like Veronica Roth, that creative spark has launched readers towards distant planets and far into the future. Despite the fantastical settings Sci Fi has been uncannily accurate at predicting the future. Arthur C Clarke, co... Read more
Blade Runner 2049: A Disappointed Fanboy’s Initial Reaction
Words by Owen Trewartha Blade Runner remains to be an incredibly influential masterpiece of Sci-Fi/Tech Noir and one of the greatest examples of visual storytelling. A combination of style and substance which provokes the audience to question their own morality and philosophical stance on love, death and what it... Read more
The Swords That Have Helped Shaped Cinema
King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword is out now on Blu-ray and DVD. To celebrate the release we’re looking at Excalibur and other swords that have forged their way into pop- culture Hattori Hanzo katana – Kill Bill Beatrix “Black Mamba” Kiddo travels to Japan to visit famed... Read more
Meet The Newcomers From The Glass Castle Cast
With The Glass Castle, starring Brie Larson, Woody Harrelson and Naomi Watts out in UK Cinemas on 6th October, we thought it would only be right to introduce you to some of the young faces that appear on the big screen alongside the bigger stars. There are a lot of... Read more
7 Iconic Cinema Moments We’ll Never Forget
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Five Films To Keep You By The Beach This Autumn
Well, that’s it – summer is officially OVER. But before you go weeping into your thermals, bear in mind that the shorter days provide the perfect excuse to spend more time on the sofa. What’s more, if you crank the heating up enough and choose the right kind of... Read more
The House Review: Comic Casino Caper or One To Miss?
Every now and then, a film comes along with links to gambling. Some of these films go on to become blockbusters, even cult favourites – movies like Casino and Rain Man spring immediately to mind. While others don’t quite catch the imagination, even for the gambling-inclined. So with the... Read more
Spotlight: Gaspar Noé And French Extremist Cinema
Words By Owen Trewartha Edgy, flash-in-the-pan, or cinema’s most intriguing genre? The state of western cinema has become generally stale and shows signs of regressing into the more cookie cutter and heavily profit-driven style of ‘golden age’ Hollywood. A conveyor belt of the same film being reproduced over and... Read more