Filmoria’s Favourite Oscar Winners
It’s officially Oscar week, and the many hopefuls looking to take home a golden statue are getting prepped for the 89th Academy Awards ceremony this Sunday (26th February), live from the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. To celebrate the starry and sparkly...
Star Wars: The Last Jedi Features IMAX Footage
A number of key sequences from Rian Johnson’s forthcoming epic Star Wars: The Last Jedi have been filmed with IMAX cameras, following J.J. Abrams’ usage of the technology on Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 2015. In an official press release, IMAX...
Production On Han Solo Star Wars Story Gets Underway
Principal photography on the currently untitled Han Solo spinoff film has gotten underway at Pinewood Studios in London. Directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller of The LEGO Movie and 21 Jump Street fame, the new Star Wars Story (in the same vein as Gareth...
Lady Maiko (2017) Review
Pygmalion-esque by nature, Lady Maiko is inspired by George Bernard Shaw’s original play which debuted in 1913. This cinematic interpretation of My Fair Lady is inspired, yet sticks rather closely to the premise of provincial country bumpkin being coached by a professor to speak more eloquently. The film’s opening scene pulls you into the drama straight away. We see Haruko (Mone Kamishiraishi) who is a slip of a thing, arriving under the cover... Read more
The Fits (2017) Review
There’s an unnerving ambiguity to The Fits, Anna Rose Holmer’s brilliant, quiet miracle of a debut feature. It’s at once a coming-of-age story placed up against the backdrop of bloodied boxers and the glittered torsos of dancers, at once a vitriolic piece of social commentary. Yet to put it into a box would be of disservice to the brevity of its audacious, almost indefinable tone. We first see Toni (an extraordinary Royalty Hightower) –... Read more
Logan (2017) Review

Logan (2017) Review Hot

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“The film we need now” has become a familiar refrain since the start of the year: anything romantic, feelgood or uplifting gets the label. Rays of sunshine amid all the current uncertainty. But what about films that come closer to capturing the current tone, our worries about the changes surrounding us? They’ve been noticeably in the minority, but now we have a mutant – and a hero – to redress the balance. Logan. The third and, so it seems,... Read more
Doobious Sources (2017) Short Film Review
If you’re on the hunt for the next hit when it comes to stoner movies, then look no further than Doobious Sources. We all know there has been no shortage of stoner movies released over the years, but some manage to really hit it out of the park and resonate with the audience. This is the case with Doobious Sources, which is far more than just a nonsense romp with a group of random characters. Characters with Edge In these stoner type of movies it’s... Read more
The Great Wall (2017) Review
Sometimes having low expectations of a film is no bad thing. There’s always the chance of a pleasant surprise. The Great Wall has been taking something of a buffeting – references to banging your head against a brick one and the like – and when the publicity material refers to the 1700 years it took to build, the impression of a long haul is unavoidable. So, is it really that bad? No. But it’s not that great either. The sad thing is that has... Read more
Patriots Day (2017) Review
Blisteringly tense, yet profoundly human, director Peter Berg’s Patriots Day – his third pairing with leading man Mark Wahlberg – is filmmaking of an astonishing calibre. This delicately plotted, thoughtfully curated police procedural is equally profound and dignified; paying tremendous respect to the everyday heroes of Boston, and indeed the great city itself. And yet it never once shies away from the cruel truth of our turbulent... Read more
Hurricane (2016) Short Film Review
The very notion that ‘big brother’ is watching you is one that has existed for many a decade now, with the idea of being tracked and spied upon tracking all the way back since the days of Russians spies and Communism. These days, technological advances have meant that phone hacking and such have been unveiled even in the national newspaper businesses, but back in the day it served a huge purpose within the Cold War, lending to the focal... Read more
Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk (2017) Review
It is easy to admire the intentions of Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk; the lofty, hyper-real PTSD drama from master auteur Ang Lee, but admiration only goes so far. Many wondered why Lee’s latest was missing on the awards billing this season (he is usually an Academy favourite), yet once viewed, such queries will vanish. For Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk is as convoluted, ill-fitting, and downright frustrating as you’d... Read more
Hidden Figures (2017) Review
In a world where a tyrannical, self-indulgent and incessantly repugnant leader is in charge of one of the most powerful countries, we’ve seen plenty of evidence where we the people can unite to show such individuals that togetherness and community rules supreme. This has stretched within the film community through specific awards ceremony speeches and beyond, with certain films being earmarked as the ones to hammer home the message to those... Read more
Grid (2017) Short Film Review
Gay Related Immune Deficiency: the original name of the vicious virus we now know as HIV and AIDS. At the height of the epidemic back in the 1980’s, as the health of many spirited young men deteriorated, so did the moral fibre of others with the perception of the gay community mired in malice. Even in the year 2017, the stigma firmly attached, and the lack of education staggering. A deeply disheartening consistency of rendering the feelings... Read more
Life, Animated (2016) Review
This year’s Oscar nominees in the category for Documentary (Feature) include a made-for-television recollection of the trial of OJ Simpson, a powerful story about refugees, and two very important films focusing on politics and race, but one that instantly stands out from this admittedly strong crowd is Roger Ross Williams’ Life, Animated. You may ask why that is, taking into consideration the extreme relevance of some of the other films... Read more
John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017) Review
Three years ago Keanu Reeves officially confirmed that he was far from done when it comes to the action genre, and with John Wick he gave us a character who was always going to captivate audiences and have us lusting for more. A character whose dog had been killed and his car stolen, Wick’s initial spree of gunplay, ultra-violence and redemption became a huge hit and now he’s back and undoubtedly badder and more violent than ever. And... Read more