Manners Maketh Man – The New Kingsman: The Golden Circle Trailer Is Here!
Are you ready for a villainous Julianne Moore? Some American reinforcements? Or Taron Egerton’s Eggsy firing shots from a...
These Kingsman: The Golden Circle Posters Are Slick!
They’re suited and booted – and one of them is simply deluded – as Kingsman: The Golden Circle looks...
Re-Enter The Room With A24’s The Disaster Artist Trailer
Widely regarded as one of the most disastrous and best bad movies of all time, 2003’s The Room, starring...
Cars 3 (2017) Review
Running out of juice …… Here we go again!  Another trilogy, another third instalment and all the space of just a fortnight.  Because round the corner comes Cars 3, the third act in the career of Lightning McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson), the proverbial little red Corvette. That said,... Read more
It Comes At Night (2017) Review

Trey Edward Shults’ “difficult second film” is a brilliantly chilling and deeply profound mood piece.

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Logan (2017) DVD Review
While delivering in the visceral nature of the character, Logan slightly misses a beat in Jackman’s final outing. Marking his ninth and final outing as Logan AKA Wolverine, Hugh Jackman has solidified himself in Marvel comic book lore as the man to portray one of the finest characters emanating... Read more
War For The Planet Of The Apes (2017) Review
Caesar’s last stand? Is this the end?  As the third episode in the re-boot, War For The Planet Of The Apes certainly has the feel of a finale, but star Andy Serkis has been quoted as saying that there could be more.  And just a few weeks ago, we... Read more
Song To Song (2017) Review
Malick almost rocks …… By Terrence Malick’s standards, this has been a prolific decade.  Song To Song is his fifth film so far and there’s another one already lined up, which may also be released this year.  A veritable flood. Song To Song was shot straight after his previous offering, the... Read more
Security (2017) DVD Review
B-movie Die Hard for Banderas The first shift on a new job should, in theory, be easy.  Finding your way around, getting to know the ropes and all that.  Not if you’re Antonio Banderas it’s not.  In Security, he’s a military veteran who’s been out of work for a... Read more
Despicable Me 3 (2017) Review

Gru and the Minions return for a third outing. Here’s our official review of Despicable Me 3.

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The Circle (2017) Review

Emma Watson and Tom Hanks face off in James Ponsoldt’s techno-thriller, The Circle. Our official review is in.

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The House (2017) Review

Comedic heavyweights Will Ferrell & Amy Poehler team up for backdoor gambling romp, The House. Here’s our official verdict.

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The Autopsy Of Jane Doe Blu-Ray Review
The horror genre is an often enigmatic corner of the cinematic world, often serving up the highest likelihood of mediocrity within its many annual releases, while also delivering some truly groundbreaking movies that shake us to the core and remind us that there is still originality and hope. With... Read more
Kedi Review

Kedi Review

MoviesReviews 27th June 2017 0

A love letter to cats and Instanbul, Kedi is a charming look at the bond between humans and their feline neighbors. Director Ceyda Torun jokingly admits that this is the perfect time to release a cat documentary, tapping into the market of cat obsessives and the unparalleled popularity of... Read more
Trespass Against Us (2016) Blu-Ray Review
Fassbender shines in a movie that never hits the mark with the potential it possesses. Michael Fassbender is a home-grown talent whose repertoire of films is a testament to an actor who is never afraid to return to his roots and buck the trend, waltzing from blockbuster movies back... Read more
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