Rare, Fantastic Four, Stan Lee signed canvas (60×55)

£595.00 £550.00

Limited Edition very rare opportunity to buy this classic Fantastic Four framed canvas signed by Stan Lee

  • High Quality Printed canvas in professionally sealed frame
  • Original authenticated signature (Excelsior Approved)
  • Beautiful print from Marvel Comics
  • Only 1 available in our store
  • Quality Guaranteed

Why is this signature authentic and rare?

This piece has a Certificate of Authenticity sticker that is given by Stan Lee after he has signed something. You CANNOT BUY these holograms, it is put on by his agent seated next to him after the item has been signed. Basically, its Stan Lee’s guarantee that its his signature on the canvas.


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1 in stock

Additional information

Dimensions 62 x 56 x 3 cm


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