Watch: Ravishing Teaser Trailer For Disney•Pixar’s Coco
The first teaser trailer for Pixar Animation Studios’ forthcoming comedy-adventure Coco has arrived, and it is quite simply breathtaking. Directed by Toy Story 3‘s Lee Unkrich, and featuring the voice talents of Gael García Bernal, Anthony...
Star Wars: The Last Jedi Features IMAX Footage
A number of key sequences from Rian Johnson’s forthcoming epic Star Wars: The Last Jedi have been filmed with IMAX cameras, following J.J. Abrams’ usage of the technology on Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 2015. In an official press release, IMAX...
Production On Han Solo Star Wars Story Gets Underway
Principal photography on the currently untitled Han Solo spinoff film has gotten underway at Pinewood Studios in London. Directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller of The LEGO Movie and 21 Jump Street fame, the new Star Wars Story (in the same vein as Gareth...
These Alternative Beauty And The Beast Posters Are Ravishing
Walt Disney UK have unveiled two ravishing alternative posters for their box office sensation Beauty and the Beast; both gorgeously designed by British poster artist, Matt Fergurson. The film – which stars Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Ewan McGregor, Ian McKellan, Kevin Kline, Josh Gad, and Gugu Mbatha-Raw – has started its theatrical campaign with an incredible, record-breaking sum in the UK; scooping a cool £19.7 million over... Read more
Cars 3 UK Premiere Announced By Disney Pixar
The Scottish are going to be delighted with this one, as the UK premiere for Disney Pixar’s Cars 3 has been announced for Edinburgh International Film Festival. The premiere has been confirmed for Sunday 25th June at 2.00pm and will take place at Festival Theatre, Edinburgh. The film itself will be presented by Story Supervisor Scott Morse, with tickets for the event going on sale on Thursday 23rd March at 11.00am through the EIFF website. A... Read more
The Boss Baby Mocks Beauty And The Beast In New Trailer
Ahead of its UK release next month, DreamWorks Animation have released an extremely topical – and rather amusing – new trailer for The Boss Baby, which pokes fun at Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Capitalising on the rampant success of the new live-action adaptation – which is currently destroying domestic box office records – here we are presented a tale which is most certainly not as old as time. Starring Alex Baldwin, Steve... Read more
Live-Action Mulan May Not Be A Musical
After claiming the UK’s biggest opening of 2017 so far, Disney’s Beauty And The Beast looks set to dominate the box office both here and in the US. Meanwhile, the studio is already looking forward to two of its most anticipated live-action remakes. With more than a dozen re-makes currently in the works, the next arrival, Mulan, is easily one of the most anticipated.  In a recent interview, Disney’s president of Motion Picture Production, Sean... Read more
Beauty And The Beast Breaks UK Box Office Records
Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is currently on track to open with a magical £18.4M at this weekend’s UK box office. The “Tale as Old as Time” is likely to become the fifth highest grossing three-day opening of all-time, and the highest grossing three-day opening weekend for a PG-rated movie ever. The Saturday box office of £7.9m was the second highest grossing Saturday ever, only behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In the UK/Ireland,... Read more
Check Out This New Trailer For Transformers: The Last Knight
Paramount Pictures have created an audience-specific new trailer for Michael Bay’s destruction epic Transformers: The Last Knight, which will be attached to screenings of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. The new trailer focuses on Isabela Moner’s character – young heroine Izzy – who stands up for what she believes in, and is willing to fight, even in the face of intergalactic adversity. It is a supremely different and... Read more
Watch: Ravishing Teaser Trailer For Disney•Pixar’s Coco
The first teaser trailer for Pixar Animation Studios’ forthcoming comedy-adventure Coco has arrived, and it is quite simply breathtaking. Directed by Toy Story 3‘s Lee Unkrich, and featuring the voice talents of Gael García Bernal, Anthony Gonzalez, Benjamin Bratt, and Renee Victor, Coco looks set to continue the production company’s array of remarkable stories, all told with eye-watering visuals. Check out the teaser trailer below… Despite... Read more
Disney And Odeon Present Opening Weekend Live Beauty And The Beast Screenings
With Beauty And The Beast‘s release just over a week away now, Disney and Odeon have today confirmed a partnership in bringing the updated version of the classic to select audiences for a very special live pre-show. Consisting of a selection of songs from the Disney Concert Orchestra and special guest singers, before the main event film is presented, the Odeon Leicester Square plays host to a simply unmissable way to watch the film. The special... Read more
First Footage From Star Wars: The Last Jedi Screened
It’s official, we are well and truly on the road to one of this year’s biggest releases – the next chapter in the Star Wars Saga, The Last Jedi. And over at Disney, at the annual shareholders gathering – the lucky folks in attendance were able to see first glimpses of the December blockbuster. Star Wars: The Last Jedi is one of Filmoria’s 20 Must-See Movies Still to Come in 2017 There has been much debate and speculation... Read more
International Women’s Day 2017: Inspirational Women In Film
To note every single inspirational female figure in the film industry would take a lifetime. The silver screen’s rich history is laden with remarkable women, whose innovation, intellect, and artistry has helped render one of the most beautiful and universally-celebrated mediums on the planet. In celebration of International Women’s Day 2017, we have selected just a finite few from the ginormous assortment, whose contributions to cinema... Read more
First Look At Lin-Manuel Miranda In Mary Poppins Returns
Following from last weekend’s initial glimpse of Emily Blunt as the bewitching Disney heroine Mary Poppins from Rob Marshall’s forthcoming sequel Mary Poppins Returns, we can provide you with the very first look at Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Jack from the movie! The creator and star of Broadway musical sensation Hamilton, and key songwriter for Disney’s delightful aquatic adventure Moana, Miranda joins a hugely impressive ensemble... Read more
First Look At Emily Blunt In Mary Poppins Returns!
Disney have unveiled the first look at Emily Blunt in character on-set from their forthcoming sequel, Mary Poppins Returns. Directed by Rob Marshall – who worked alongside the beloved British actress on the fairytale musical Into the Woods – and co-starring Ben Whishaw, Colin Firth, Emily Mortimer, Julie Walters, Meryl Streep, Dick Van Dyke, and Hamilton‘s Lin-Manuel Miranda, the new film is scheduled for a Christmas Day 2018... Read more