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‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’ Season 2 Episode 18 Review – ‘The Dirty Half Dozen’

After surrendering to Bobbi (Adrianne Palicki) and Mack (Henry Simmons) at the end of last week’s episode Coulson (Clark Gregg) was back at base and bringing Fitz, Hunter and Grant Ward with him, something which didn’t go down too well with well everyone but Simmons and May in particular. It turns out that Coulson has a trick or two up his sleeve as he manipulates ‘Real’ SHIELD into helping him free Deathlock (J. August Richards) and Lincoln (Luke Mitchell) who were captured by Hydra last week. Back in Afterlife, Gordon (Jamie Harris) returns with Skye (Chloe Bennet)and Cal (Kyle MaClachlan), who isn’t too happy at his ex wife’s plan to ditch him.

Ruth Negga as Raina in Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Unfortunately Cal’s return was swept under the carpet a bit too easily which was frustrating considering he pretty much blew Jiaying’s secret by yelling about how Skye was his daughter. J and Afterlife were pretty short changed this episode as the show runners focused on the obligatory Avengers: Age of Ultron set up which comes a bit too late for UK viewers, one of the flaws with Channel 4’s frustrating decision to air Agents of SHIELD so far after the US. This meant Afterlife was relegated to a few set up scenes for the end of the season as Jiaying (Dichen Lachman) became wary of Raina (Ruth Negga) and her abilities after she convinced Skye to save Lincoln with one of her visions. This resulted in Cal warning his ex wife to watch her back around Raina, as it appears Flower’s is back to her old ways of using those around her for her own ends. Could Raina be about to try and stage a coup?

Coulson (Clark Gregg) and May (Ming Na Wen) in Marvel's Agents of SHIELDBack at base, Coulson a.k.a king of sass manipulated ‘Real’ SHIELD and May (Ming Na Wen) into staging a rescue mission to recover Lincoln and Deathlock, proving that despite all his doubts, Coulson can manipulate and deceive people as much as Nick Fury can. Though it must be said, May wasn’t too happy at discovering he had been hiding visits to her ex husband. While she didn’t have much of a leg to stand on after spying on Coulson back in season one, it’s safe to say Coulson’s dialogue about making it up to May at length will have caused one or two Philinda shippers to go rushing to Tumblr.

It was nice to see Coulson getting in touch with his inner Black Widow this episode by using the rescue mission as a cover to gain intel on Von Strucker, which is something of an irony for Captain America’s number one fan. Not too sure the Captain would be a big fan of Coulson’s actions here. But it’s also oddly satisfying that Coulson should have gone to such lengths in order to back up the Avengers, even if it does mean having to sacrifice the bus and lie to his team. Now if only we could have the Avengers finally discover he’s still alive.

Skye (Chloe Bennet) in Marvel's Agents of SHIELDThe destruction of the bus at the hands of Hydra had to be the highlight of the episode and one of the best moments of the series as May successfully piloted the quinjet through the debris to make Hydra think they had been successful. As sad as the destruction of the bus was, it finally rammed home that despite the team being reunited, the gulf between them all was far too wide for them to ever work together as well as they once did. Unfortunately Skye’s epic fight scene was the exact opposite of May’s flying scene as it was reminiscent of a video game which made it frustrating to watch, though it was great to see how far she’s come under May’s tutelage.

While the obligatory Avengers: Age of Ultron tie in plot points were well handled, Raina’s vision towards the end of the episode was rather more clunkier. The world will be changed forever; well that tends to happen every time there’s an Avengers movie out. It was less a vision and more a moment of let’s state the blindingly obvious. It didn’t help that there was no footage used from the movie either.

Amongst furthering the show’s plot arcs, Grant Ward yet again tried to justify his actions with his woe is me back-story and getting short thrift from the team as they were forced to begrudgingly work together. It’s good to see the writers not trying to redeem him, though Brett Dalton’s acting is yet again all over the shop as usual. Is Ward evil, misguided or a creepy weirdo? After a season and a half of being unable to pin him down thanks to Dalton’s inability to actually make a decision and stick with it, it’s hard to care. Surely the show runners sat down with him at some point and explained his arc to him?

Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) in Marvel's Agents of SHIELDWhile Simmons got the chance to fulfill her promise to kill Ward, the scene was something of a disappointment as yet again Elizabeth Henstridge was wasted as there were no consequences to her actions. It would have been nice to have had a moment for Simmons to think about what she’s done. After all, she is a doctor and she just killed someone in cold blood, even if it was by accident. However it was good to see her getting a bit of a fight scene as she took on Bakshi (Simon Kassianides) who tried to defend his boss. Ward’s disappointment line was a huge moment of hypocrisy, from a guy who thinks the best way to deal with everyone who has ever wronged him can’t judge someone else for going with a similar idea.

Agent 33 (Maya Stojan) is also another disappointment as Ward left her behind to reconcile with her past as a SHIELD agent. For a character who has no identity, it’s going to be hard for the writers to do anything with her with only 3 episodes left in which she will most likely end up on the periphery of the action. Like Ward, she’s a character who just doesn’t work, and her wide eyed innocence is hard to buy considering some of the things she and Ward have done together. Rather than having her suffer some rather suspicious brainwashing related memory loss, it would have been more powerful if she had similar issues of trying to reconcile her past with her present a la Natasha Romanoff.

Gonzales (Edward James Olmos) also proved that his ‘Real’ SHIELD isn’t as pure and as honest as he makes out. As Coulson revealed he knew all about the secret he was hiding in the cargo hold of his ship. His views about Skye, Deathlock and Lincoln showed that he’s clearly just as obsessed with powered people as with Hydra making him a hypocrite. The whole notion of the team voting on things was awkward; so much for protecting the innocent. It’s a good job Louie Walsh and Simon Cowell aren’t on the panel or the world would be doomed.

‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’ Season 2 Episode 11 Review – ‘Aftershocks’


Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD finally returns to Channel 4 this week after it’s hiatus and sees the team trying to pick up the pieces after the events of What They Become which saw Skye (Chloe Bennet) and Raina (Ruth Negga) become Inhuman’s and the death of Triplett and Hydra bad guy Daniel Whitehall. While Aftershocks isn’t a bad episode it still suffers from the same flaws that have been dogging this second series as the show runners struggle to balance both plot and characters successfully.

This meant Coulson’s (Clark Gregg) desire to avenge Triplett’s death by striking at Hydra didn’t really convince for a number of reasons. The first being the fake Hydra attack which May (Ming Na Wen) and Coulson engineered. While the fight was brilliantly choreographed it did require viewers to ignore the fact that SHIELD surely doesn’t have the resources to pull of such a bluff. Also having Coulson and May ‘gunned down’ during the fire fight never really convinces. After all this is the Marvel Cinematic Universe and no one ever really dies unless they are a character that isn’t very important. Which means no one in their right mind would have thought for one second the show runners would do something so dramatic as kill off two of the show’s most beloved characters.

Secondly despite Hydra being the big bad this series the show never really invests in its antagonists. With the movie franchise cherry picking the best bad guys the show suffers in comparison with weak underdeveloped enemies that never really convince and it shows this week in particular. With Daniel Whitehall gone there is now a vacancy in Hydra but instead of a resulting power vacuum and a tantalizing promise of a new big bad trying to wipe out Shield, viewers were instead given a lackluster betrayal plot which saw top level Hydra members easily tricked into killing each other. With none of the characters properly introduced it was hard to care when they died. The group might as well have been called random Hydra dudes of the week we can kill off without jeopardizing Avengers: Age of Ultron.


There was also the issue of Triplett’s death which hung heavy over the episode driving much of the plot yet despite this the character was never really given much of a send off, beyond a montage to hammer home the differences between SHIELD and Hydra and a remember when moment at the end of the episode. Which felt like further insult to injury to a character who promised so much but sadly never left the shadow of Grant Ward.

Elizabeth Henstridge as Simmons

As ever this series the majority of the cast fared better than the plot did. With Skye trapped in quarantine desperately trying to hide the fact she now has powers from the rest of the team as Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) and Mack (Henry Simmons)  display some rather nasty hostility to anyone with powers. It’s interesting to notice how Simmons especially (though not entirely unexpected given her past with gifted individuals) now wants to eradicate those with powers, even going so far as to suggest Raina should be taken out rather than captured. A fate Raina herself seemed to want as she struggled to deal with her transformation. Until she was saved at the last second by Gordon (Jamie Harris)  who was revealed to not only be another Inhuman but also connected to Skye’s mother. It will be interesting to see where Raina goes from here. After spending so long convinced she would achieve greatness only to be turned into a ‘monster’ will she become a force for good or sink even further into evilness.

Despite the episode heavily hinting that Simmons was going to be the one to unmask Skye and possibly destroy their friendship it was Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) who despite still struggling with his injuries discovered the truth via Skye’s damaged heartbeat monitor leading to a heartbreaking confrontation scene as Fitz’s worst fears about Skye were confirmed when she inadvertently displayed her new found powers in front of him.

Iain De Castecker as Fitz

However with Skye’s secret only seconds away from being revealed it was a genuine revelation when Fitz came to the rescue overcoming the seed of prejudice planted by Simmons and Mack to remember that Skye was still a person and more importantly his friend. It was heart-warming to see the most damaged member of the team being the kindest. This episode yet again serves as a reminder of just how talented an actor De Caestecker really is, as he subtly steals the episode from under the noses of the rest of the cast.

If this episode is any indication of what’s to come the remainder of the series could see some of the characters we know and love displaying some rather ugly attitudes and making some rather troubling decisions. Especially in terms of Bobbi Morse and Mack who’s secret took a sinister turn as it was revealed via Mack’s model of Lola that the duo are scoping out Coulson’s office in an attempt to steal Fury’s toolbox. It looks like Hunter (Nick Blood) may soon be forced to choose between loyalty to his ex wife and Coulson.

Coulson may have succeed in damaging Hydra but it looks like SHIELD’s downfall could in fact come at the hands of his own team judging from this episode.

‘Preacher’ TV series adds Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy

PreacherThe casting for AMC’s TV adaptation of graphic novel Preacher is really increasing in pace.  Just last week we heard news that Ian Colletti will play Arseface, aka Eugene Root.  Before that came the news that Ruth Negga will play Tulip.  Now we hear that This Is England star, Joseph Gilgun, has been cast as Preacher’s sidekick, Cassidy.

Proinsias Cassidy is hard-drinking, charismatic Irish Vampire and best friend of Jesse Custer, aka Preacher. He is described as full of attitude and zest, but the vampire hides a dark past, which includes prostitution and drug addiction.

Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg are producing Preacher, which tells the story of a small town preacher who is possessed by a supernatural creature called Genesis, and develops strange abilities, including making anyone do anything he wants.

The lead role is still to be cast.  Rumour has it that Dominic Cooper has been in talks for Jesse.  Let’s hope that one rings true.

Source: Deadline

‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’ Season 2 Episode 10 Review – ‘What They Become’

After last week’s fantastic Ye Who Enter Here this week’s episode What They Become had a lot to live up to and boy did it not disappoint. Following straight on from Whitehall’s decision to override Ward and shoot down the Bus we were pitched straight into May’s attempts to outmaneuver their Hydra assailants. It was one of the episode’s two stand out scenes (the other being Skye using her powers for the first ever time in glorious slow motion) as it seamlessly balanced action and drama with comedy thanks to the Koenig brothers (Patton Oswalt), one of whom was enjoying the whole experience more than the other. Then in typical break neck style which is becoming the show’s trademark this series, the Bus arrived in Puerto Rico allowing the team to regroup in order to destroy the city before Hydra can use the obelisk as a weapon of mass destruction.

Despite the build up, What They Become was not really about the city or Coulson’s attempt to destroy it, but instead it was more about Skye (Chloe Bennet) finally meeting her father and Raina (Ruth Negga) getting her long awaited opportunity to see just what it is she will become. However judging from her final shot where it appears the obelisk has altered her appearance, she may come to regret her choices in this episode. After building up their reunion, Skye’s first ever meeting with her father did not disappoint with both Chloe Bennet and Kyle MacLachlan acting their socks off in a scene that was both heartbreaking and awkward. It was hard not to feel for Skye as she struggled with discovering the truth about her past and her father’s insistence about her being in the right place at the right time to achieve her destiny.

790f17e0-677f-0132-b033-0e30b68214d8Unfortunately for Coulson (Clark Gregg) his attempts to keep Skye away from the city and the obelisk failed spectacularly when she took it upon herself to chance after Raina and make up for her perceived failing at being unable to kill her father when she had the chance. In doing so caused a catastrophic chain of events to be put into motion down in the temple, leading to both the activation of her latent powers and the death of Triplett (B.J Britt).

The demise of both Triplet and Whitehall (Reed Diamond) were two of the most frustrating problems with this episode. While it was an interesting choice to have Coulson shoot Whitehall and thus inadvertently deny Skye’s father the chance to avenge his wife’s death it was a lame demise for a character who’s never really lived up to his arch villain status. Week after week we’ve been told how Whitehall is a monster and a powerful member of Hydra but he’s never really lived up to the promise. Daniel Whitehall won’t be missed which is a shame as he had the potential o be so much more than the ex Nazi mad scientist chlece he ended up.

It’s equally frustrating that Triplett bites the dust (quite literally) and Mack survives when Triplett is more deserving of a place in the team. From his first appearance Triplett has been a magnetic character with so much potential having had to work hard to prove his loyalty to Shield and convince Coulson he should be part of the team. At the end of season one it was revealed he was the grandson of one of the Howling Commandos and it was hinted at a potential love rival for Simmons. But since the series returned these potential plot arcs have dwindled away with Triplett having hardly any screen time and often serving as nothing more than a getaway driver/pilot. Like Whitehall his legacy will be that of a wasted opportunity for a potentially great character.

e533d0b7bdb54aebcaf4a82887c3783fWhat makes Triplett’s death even more frustrating is the fact that Mack (Henry Simmons) appears to have survived pretty much unscathed from the events of the previous episode. When the show returns his character needs a lot of work otherwise it’s going to make Triplett’s death all the more of a waste. With any luck his experiences down in the city might actually serve to make Mack a more fully rounded character than a walking talking exposition machine.

Hopefully the show won’t make the same mistake of wasting a great opportunity with its Inhuman’s arc as it has pretty much in all but name revealed Skye and Raina to be Inhuman’s and hinted at others (with that chilling end credit sequence). Agents of Shield will finally start to influence the MCU and become fully integrated with it than just reacting to events in the movies. It’s come a long way from that awful Thor: The Dark World inspired episode The Well but it still has some way to go if the MCU and MTU are going to live happily side by side.

It’s also frustrating that we’ve come to the show’s mid season finale and we are still no closer to Fitz and Simmons resolving their issues with Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) frustratingly blocking Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) attempt to talk. When the show returns next year it needs to be dealt with and quickly as the longer it goes unresolved the more it poisons two of my favourite characters in the show.Agents_of_SHIELD_Fan_Brain_-_What_They_Become

The show when it returns also finally needs to work out just what exactly it’s going to do with Grant Ward (Brett Dalton), especially now he appears to have joined forces with the brainwashed Agent 33 (a character who at the moment seems pretty pointless). For a moment it looked like the show runners Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen were finally going to kill him off at long last when Skye shot him. Unfortunately she screwed up by not going for a head shot which means Ward is going to be back at some point in the future. When he inevitably does come back hopefully he’ll have dropped his creepy attempts to worm his way back into Skye’s affections and finally realise how much she hates him as if there’s one ship that needs sinking on this show then its Skyward.


‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D’ Season 2 Episode 9 Review – Ye Who Enter Here


I’m not going to lie Agents of Shield has had some ups and downs this series so much so I was starting to feel I was running out of things to say about the show with each review staring to feel like a retread of what I said last week. So thank the television gods for Ye Who Enter Here one of the best episodes of the series to date.

With Skye (Chloe Bennet) suffering a terrifying nightmare involving Coulson (Clark Gregg) and May (Ming Na Wen) abandoning a baby and Skye herself opening a suspicious musical box which plays a melody that sounds suspiciously like Daisy before being killed by the box/obelisk. Episode 9 opens with a feeling of dread that permeates the episode. Something bad is clearly going to happen and boy does it ever as the team race to get to the hidden city and destroy it before Hydra can get to it and use the obelisk as a WMD. Unfortunately for Raina (Ruth Negga) Hydra have finally tracked her down, luckily for her Coulson has dispatched the Koenig’s (Patton Oswalt) to save her from spending her final night on earth in the ‘Hotel Hydra’.


The Koenig’s have been a great addition to the show so it’s been somewhat of a disappointment that they have pretty much vanished since the season opener. But thankfully the brothers have reappeared and just in time. There’s something mesmerising about watching Patton Oswalt quite literally talk to himself. Despite having only a few minutes screen time Oswalt has managed to set up a wonderful relationship between the two brothers, which is even more impressive considering he’s basically reacting to his own performance. Hopefully this is just the start for the brothers and the Koenig’s will be featuring in more episodes, after all we still have the mystery of their origins. Are they really triplets, clones or life size model decoys after all they do get a lot of amusement out of pretending there are 13 of them.


The fact that Oswalt can get so much characterisation out of just a few minutes and very little dialogue makes Henry Simmons performance as Mack  all the more frustrating as Mack basically spent this week playing 3rd wheel to Morse and Hunter and Fitz and Simmons. Before apparently biting the dust, after being possessed by something in the temple however this is Marvel and few characters ever stay dead permanently. As much as I hope this is the last we see of Mack I have a feeling it probably won’t be, something tells me there will be some kind of magic resurrection. There’s something about American tv and its inability to actually have a character depart a series for good. However there was an interesting if slightly frustrating moment between Mack and Bobbi (Adrianne Palicki) that hints she’s up to something and is deliberately leaving Hunter out of the loop. Whatever it is Bobbi’s up to I very much doubt it’s going to be anything to do with Hydra, but that does leave a lot of potential theories and very little to go on. Hopefully if the show sticks with its current pace we shouldn’t have to long to find out. But what affect if any will her scheme have on her rekindled relationship with her ex husband?

agents-of-shield-ye-who-enter-hereWhile the awkwardness between Fitz and Simmons has finally been addressed it frustratingly hasn’t been resolved. While Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) managed to get her side across to Bobbi Morse she barely got out a few words to Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) who has now decided to move out of the lab unable to work alongside Simmons anymore. While I adore FitzSimmons I’ve always felt the decision to give Fitz romantic feelings for Simmons to be a mistake and this constant dragging out of the situation doesn’t help to persuade me otherwise. The two need to be given some real screen time to work out where they now stand but with the constant shoehorning in of characters and plot lines it doesn’t look like he duo will be doing anything but treading water for some time to come. One can only hope that Simmons near death experience and whatever has happened to Mack will finally give the pair the much needed opportunity to actually talk to each other and sort this whole friendship/relationship mess out once and for all.

Despite Hydra’s attempt to kidnap Raina there wasn’t much threat from the organisation until the last minute. It turns out Hydra no longer want to kill Raina but use her to control the obelisk. Information which causes Raina to jump at the chance of working with the organisation. Unfortunately for Shield Whitehall sends Grant Ward (Brett Dalton) to retrieve Raina from the Bus leading to a climatic showdown at 32,000 feet as Hydra board the plane. The agents find themselves in a Mexican standoff while Raina gladly departs Shield custody for her date with destiny. While Ward was still as dull as dishwater and plying his creepy psycho ex routine it was nice to see the Koenig’s bring up the death of their brother back in season causing one of the Koenig brother’s to have a case of itchy trigger finger as he visibly waned nothing more than to shoot Ward right there and then in cold blood. With the amount of shield characters who now want him dead surely it’s only a matter of time before he finally bites the bullet once and for all.

Speaking of so much being said in so little screen time it’s been great to see Skye and May’s relationship blossom as she’s taken over as Skye’s SO and it was touching to see her genuine concern for Skye’s safety when Ward demanded she joined him and Raina. Hopefully along with the Koenig’s this is a relationship that will be built upon via more screen time. After all it would be nice to see a slightly softer side to May now. Ye Who Enter Here is a fantastic slow burn episode that builds up the tension for next week’s episode What They Become with Raina and Skye taken hostage by Hydra, May, Triplett and the Koenig’s about to be shot down and the rest of the team reeling from Mack’s death. If episode 10 is anything like this week’s then it’s safe to say that Skye’s bad feeling will only get stronger as things take a turn for the worst.

‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’ Season 2 Episode 2 Review – ‘Heavy is the Head’

After last week’s underwhelming start to the second series of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, the second episode Heavy is the Head picks up from last week’s cliff hanger which saw Lance Hunter trapped in the wreckage of the car crash and reeling from the deaths of his colleagues, while Carl Creel escaped with the 0-8-4. With Hunter quickly caught by Talbot’s men and Skye and Tripplet having returned to base, it was left to May to track down Creel and stop the obelisk from falling into Hydra’s hands. I’m guessing the title comes from the often misquoted line “Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown” from Shakespeare’s Henry IV, and which can be applied directly to Coulson this week.

After spending most of the first episode behind his desk and seemingly a shadow of his former self, this week saw Coulson finally venture back into the field, much to May’s annoyance. But despite seeing flashes of the old Coulson that we all know and love it’s clear  he’s having issues reconciling his new role as Director of S.H.I.E.L.D and his old role of field agent. With the death of an innocent waitress hanging heavy on his conscience it’s clear to see that being Director doesn’t come naturally to him. Heavy is the Head appears to be laying the groundwork for his arc this series. As after finding out how he survived being stabbed by Loki in the last series he’s now forced to reconcile his bizarre Garrett-style episodes with the morality of his decisions. To add to his problems, now both May and Skye are having their own personal doubts about his ability to lead. Which means it must only be a matter of time before the rest of the team also begin to question their leader. Could it be Nick Fury has asked too much of Phil Coulson this time?ag

Heavy is the Head also sees the return of Raina (Ruth Negga), the woman who wears nothing but flowery dresses. Last seen departing with Ian Quinn and his Gravitonium in the season one finale, she’s back having split from Hydra after finding their quest for world domination so 1945. This time Raina has her eyes on a much bigger prize and has now joined forces with Skye’s father, played by Kyle MacLachlan, who has a worrying taste in home décor it would seem with a slightly disturbing shot of medical instruments. Clearly whatever it is she’s after ties in closely with Skye’s origin story and her obsession with what happens to the future of the human race.

There are many positives to this episode, especially Coulson’s electrifying showdown with Talbot (Adrian Pasdar) in which he pulled off a huge double bluff by pretending that S.H.I.E.L.D is a bigger threat than Talbot realised. While Talbot may have fallen for it this time it can’t be long before the General is back on S.H.I.E.L.D’s case.

It’s good to see Heavy is the Head continuing with Fitz struggle to function within S.H.E.I.L.D now that his mind has been so badly damaged. Iain DeCasteker doing a fantastic job of playing the damaged genius finally forced by Al MacKenzie (Henry Simmons) to confront the fact that Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) has gone. The brief moment of realisation that ‘his’ Simmons was nothing more than a figment of his imagination was heartbreaking as he tried to internally deny this fact.

Unfortunately following on so closely from Shadows means Heavy is the Head inherited many of the problems that bogged down last week’s opener. The most problematic of which is the slew of new characters that remain undeveloped, especially MacKenzie. After two episodes I shouldn’t still be yelling who is this guy every time he appears. While Coulson spoke about recruiting new agents last week it would be nice to actually spend some time with them as characters rather than as walking talking plot points or random background extras (looking at you random lab people).

5bfed982b24c0ffdd231dac7d502It’s also incredibly frustrating that the only character who gets any real development is the off screen Isobel Hartley (Lucy Lawless) who died last week. There are a few hints of characterisation from Lance Hunter (Nick Blood) when he’s captured and given the chance to save himself by offering up Coulson. With Hunter being a mercenary rather than a dyed in the wool S.H.E.I.L.D agent it was hard to know right up until the last minute which way he’d go. But for now at least it seems he’s joined S.H.I.E.L.D in order to honour Hartley’s memory, something which he cares about a great deal even going so far as to secure her a proper burial.

The main problem with picking up where Shadows left off means Heavy is the Head inherits the same issues that plagued the first episode. The show needs to take a step back and breath, the show runners seem to be trying to shoehorn in too many characters and set up plot arcs. It’s as though they are so desperate to keep viewers watching that they are throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks. This means introducing returning characters and plot arcs without addressing new ones. This new S.H.I.E.L.D just doesn’t gel at the moment. It doesn’t feel like a team, rather a group of strangers especially with most of the main cast playing shadows of their former selves.

Compared to the first series this second series just isn’t as enjoyable at the moment, there’s a certain something missing and I’m not just referring to Jemma Simmons. It feels like Marvel has taken their critics words too much to heart and have lost some of the tongue in cheek joy that made the first series such fun to watch. While Heavy is the Head is a vast improvement on Shadows, especially plot wise, it still has its problems. Hopefully Friday’s episode will mark a much needed return to form for the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. continues on Channel 4 on Fridays at 8pm.

8 Irish Actors You Should Know About

As part of our look at the (mostly) underappreciated side of Irish cinema, we thought we’d also take a moment to celebrate famous Irish actors who aren’t Michael Fassbender, but who – if the gods are good – has the potential to break out in the same way he has?

We’re equal opportunities film fans here at Filmoria, so here are four ladies and four lads, all from the Emerald Isle, who deserve your support.

Ruth Negga - Irish Actors

Ruth Negga

One of the more well-known names here, at least in the home countries, Ruth Negga first came to prominence for her role in RTÉ’s celebrated drama Love/Hate and also won plaudits for her portrayal of Shirley Bassey in the TV movie Shirley. However, Negga had been turning heads as early as 2005, when Neil Jordan specifically changed the script to Breakfast on Pluto to write in a character for her. After filming a small role in World War Z last year, she headed stateside, where she lined up parts in TV’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and 12 Years A Slave. Intelligent and alluring, this lady should go far.

Ruth Negga set for recurring role on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Ruth NeggaWith the clock ticking down to its US premiere on 24th September, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has added another cast member. It’s been revealed that Irish actress Ruth Negga will be joining the cast of the highly anticipated series in a recurring role. Negga is perhaps best known to Irish and UK audiences from her appearances in the acclaimed drama Love/Hate and Channel 4 favourite Misfits, but her profile looks set to rise sharply with the impending release of Steve McQueen’s 12 Years A Slave.

No information has been made available as yet on the part Negga will be playing, but more details should emerge once the series has premiered. As we all surely know by now, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. marks Marvel’s first foray into the television world and is based around the exploits of fan favourite Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) as he assembles a team of entirely human heroes to deal with unique threats to Earth. The cast is rounded out by Ming-Na Wen, Elizabeth Henstridge, Chloe Bennett, Brett Dalton, and Iain de Caestecker. Channel 4 recently acquired the rights to screen the show in the UK, meaning it’ll touch down for audiences on this side of the Atlantic only six days after its US premiere.

Negga was most recently seen as a W.H.O. doctor in World War Z and also appeared with Samuel L. Jackson in Fury. She won a 2012 Irish Film and Television award for her portrayal of Shirley Bassey in the TV film Shirley. 12 Years A Slave is scheduled for a limited US release on 18th October and will arrive in the UK on 24th January.

Source: Deadline

Samuel L. Jackson Saves the Girl in New Clip from ‘Fury’ aka ‘The Samaritan ‘

Samaritan PosterSamuel L. Jackson stars as Foley, an ex-con who is tired of his wayward ways, so tries to do right. A new woman (Ruth Negga) could be his saviour, but his past is having a hard time letting him go. In this new clip for Fury (known elsewhere as The Samaritan), Jackson proves his worth by stopping a heinous act from going down.

Fury (The Samaritan) stars Samuel L. Jackson, Ruth Negga,  Luke Kirby and Tom Wilkinson.  The film has already been released in the UK (it came out on a limited run April 20) but those in America can catch the film on limited release from May 16th, as well as VOD and certain US digital outlets.

Check out the new clip and full trailer below

The Samaritan Full Trailer

The Samaritan Synopsis

After twenty‐five years in prison, Foley (Samuel L. Jackson) is finished with the grifter’s life. When he meets an elusive young woman named Iris (Ruth Negga), the possibility of a new start looks real. But his past is proving to be a stubborn companion: Ethan (Luke Kirby), the son of his former partner, has an ingenious plan and he wants Foley in. The harder Foley tries to escape his past, the tighter he is ensnared in Ethan’s web of secrets, until it becomes all too clear to Foley that some wrongs can never be made right.

Samuel L. Jackson to Star in The Samaritan

Samuel L. Jackson is set to star in The Samaritan, a Neo-Noir thriller about a grifter trying to escape his past after spending half of his life behind bars.  Jackson will play the main character, Foley, who realises that he can never escape his life of crime, after a string of events leaves him caught in a scheme that is masterminded by a young acquaintance of his.   The film, which also co-stars Luke Kirby and Ruth Negga, will be directed by David Weaver (Century Hotel, Siblings) , with  H2O Motion Pictures Exec Andras Hamori producing alongside Mark Musselman, who will also act as Executive Producer.   Shooting begins this week in Canada, followed by a location shoot in Rio De Janeiro.

Source: Deadline