Has Deadpool 2 Found Its Cable? Has Deadpool 2 Found Its Cable?
It looks as though the mysterious vacancy for Cable's appearance in Deadpool 2 has been filled... Has Deadpool 2 Found Its Cable?

While Deadpool 2 writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are chained to their laptops writing the script, director David Leitch and star/producer Ryan Reynolds are putting the cast together. Top of their list is to find the actor to play the critical role of Cable.

Currently, their sights seem to be set on Stranger Things‘ David Harbour. Casting isn’t complete, though, so Harbour isn’t confirmed in the role. But – and it’s a big but – he’s screen tested with Reynolds and he’s definitely under consideration. He also fits the bill in a crucial way. The part needs an actor who appears physically bigger than Reynolds and, given that he’s 6 ft 2 ins, it’s no small ask. But Harbour has that box ticked, as well as the one marked “acting”, so his chances must be high.

There’s a lot riding on this decision, as Cable has the potential to break out and start his own franchise. His comic history is a bit hazy but, essentially, he’s an aged, grizzled cybernetic fighter whose relationship with Deadpool is, shall we say, complicated. He and the Merc with the Mouth even shared a comic series, the Cable & Deadpool one, and he was the leader of X-Force.

Cable also has a big following among comics fans.  Put that together with his break-out potential and whoever signs on for the role will be in for the long haul. More Deadpool sequels, the X-Force movie and even a Cable title all of his own are all likely in Fox’s Marvel universe.

Source: Collider

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