Sundance London 2017 Interview: The Big Sick Director Michael Showalter
Sundance Utah hit comedy, The Big Sick, transferred to Sundance London in advance of its UK cinema release in July. With the London festival in full swing, Filmoria’s Freda Cooper talked to its director Michael Showalter about how a top Bollywood star became part of the cast, as well as his own... Read more
Sundance London 2017 Interview: Bushwick Directors Cary Murnion and Jonathan Millot
Making its first appearance in the UK at this year’s Sundance London, urban action movie Bushwick catapults the residents of the New York suburb into an invasion scenario – but one where the enemy is neither alien nor foreign. Filmoria’s Freda Cooper grabbed a few minutes at the busy... Read more
Sundance London 2017: Wilson Review
Harrelson shines in a comedy of two halves So what’s wrong with Wilson? It all rather depends on whether you’re talking about the man or the film.  The film was first shown at Sundance at the start of the year and now comes to London, a week in advance... Read more
Sundance London 2017: A Ghost Story Review
The latest from David Lowery comes close to being a modern masterpiece. David Lowery’s third film is, at the very least, one of the must-sees of this year’s Sundance London.  His reputation precedes him.  His debut feature, Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, also gets an outing at the festival and last... Read more
Sundance London 2017: Bushwick Review
Despite hails of bullets, Bushwick is way off target. You’re on the New York subway with your boyfriend waiting for a train, but it all seems very quiet.  Too quiet – apart from the tannoy announcement ordering you to evacuate the station.  As you approach the exit, a man rushes in,... Read more
Sundance London 2017: The Big Sick Review
Stand-up comedy and cultural clashes make for a stand-out rom-com. Goodness Gracious Me, The Kumars At Number 42, Bend It Like Beckham, East Is East ……. For UK audiences, culture clash comedies with characters from the Indian sub-continent have become a familiar part of our TV and cinematic landscape.  Not... Read more