Jawbone (2017) Review
There’s been enough boxing movies in the past few weeks to send us punch drunk.  The tour de force that was James Cosmo in The Pyramid Texts.  The smaller Six Rounds, set against the backdrop of the 2011 riots.  And the least typical of the lot, The Happiest Day... Read more
The Pyramid Texts (2017) Review
If The Pyramid Texts doesn’t leave you in pieces, you have no heart. This review could start and end right there, because that’s the level of emotional power in the Shamassian brothers’ directorial debut.  Given that the central character, Ray (James Cosmo) is an ex-boxer and the setting is... Read more
Interview: James Cosmo Talks The Pyramid Texts, Big Brother And More
After over 50 years as an actor, James Cosmo is one of the most recognisable faces on the big and small screen. By the time his breakthrough role came along in Braveheart (1995), he’d already starred in nine films and over 70 TV movies and series.  Those craggy features... Read more