TV’s Most Inspirational Female Characters
As Scandal returns to our screens for season 7, TV streaming service NOW TV takes a look at the...
War For The Planet Of The Apes Blu-Ray Review
Strong trilogies are something that are very hard to come by these days, with the likelihood that by the...
Competition: Win Transformers: The Last Knight On Blu-Ray!
Get ready for the ultimate adventure as Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg present the new and explosive addition to...
Netflix’s Bright Re-Teams Suicide Squad’s Ayer And Smith In First-Look Trailer
David Ayer would have been more than happy with Will Smith’s performance in the much-criticised Warner Bros/DC venture of Suicide Squad, so naturally the pair have gone on to work on another project in the form of Netflix’s Bright. Due for release on the streaming service in December, Bright... Read more
Read Michael Bay’s Transformers: The Last Knight Message For The Fans
Michael Bay has worked on the Transformers franchise ever since its inception way back in 2007, meaning a decade of Autobots, Decepticons and utter destruction. Along the way, the series has racked up an insane amount of income at the box office and Bay looks to do that once... Read more
Optimus Prime Vs. Bumblebee In Epic Transformers: The Last Knight Super Bowl Spot

It’s Autobots vs. Autobots in the thunderous Super Bowl spot for Transformers: The Last Knight.

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Why Ghost In The Shell Is Still So Important
With the much-hyped, and slightly controversial live action adaptation of popular Manga property Ghost in the Shell arriving in UK cinemas in March, it is quite rightly pointing many people back in the direction of the original 1995 anime movie. For fans, it is evident that Ghost in the... Read more
Filmoria’s Favourite Movie Dance Scenes
With the release of La La Land just around the corner, it’s pretty understandable that the staff here at Filmoria are chomping at the bit to blast out those show tunes and put on their dancing shoes like you wouldn’t believe! Thankfully, this would only be done behind closed... Read more
Chamber of Horrors: Why Are Horror Movies So Popular?
It’s a question that’s been asked a thousand times over.  Why are horror movies so popular?  The Filmoria Chamber of Horrors is now open to the discussion. Read more
Towering War For The Planet Of The Apes Theatrical Trailer Arrives

Rejoin Caesar in this incredible first look at War for the Planet of the Apes!

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Arrival (2016) Review

Our reviewer Martin White gives his personal opinion on esteemed director Denis Villeneuve’s first foray into science-fiction, Arrival.

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