First look: Trailer and poster art revealed for Howard J Ford’s latest feature, THE LOCKDOWN HAUNTINGS
Tony Todd & Angela Dixon star in Ford’s supernatural horror thriller, set and shot during the Covid 19 Lockdown...
10 Questions with JESSE O’BRIEN, director of TWO HEADS CREEK
Ahead of the UK premiere of TWO HEADS CREEK, a playfully dark cannibal horror comedy, director Jesse O’Brien talks...
30 Best Movies to Look Forward To In 2020
30 Best Movies to Look Forward To In 2020 Can’t get enough of superhero movies, remakes, and sequels of...
Alexandra Daddario stars in LOST GIRLS AND LOVE HOTELS coming to DVD & Digital 8th February
Dazzler Media proudly presents the powerful and atmospheric Lost Girls and Love Hotels starring Alexandra Daddario (We Summon the Darkness, True Detective, Percy Jackson franchise) coming to DVD & Digital from 8th February.   “A high point for everyone involved” The Hollywood Reporter “One of the better intimate dramas of the year” Chicago Sun-Times “Alexandra Daddario... Read more
Jimmy Olsson’s ALIVE highlights the crucial subject of disability intimacy and loneliness
Winner of the Oscar qualifying Best Short Film Award at Huesca International Film Festival , Inclus in Barcelona, Festival de Cine de Zaragoza and a GrandPrix Award at Russian International Film Festival Director Jimmy Olsson’s ALIVE highlights the basic human need of intimacy. This topical live-action short film premiered... Read more
Cleopatra: From the History Books to our Screens
There was once a time where women were told what to do and where to go and according to the history books, it was forbidden for a woman to leave the home without a male chaperone! The now outdated rule book also stated that the place for women was... Read more
Movies from Las Vegas

Movies from Las Vegas

MoviesNews 19th January 2021 0

Las Vegas is a wonder in Nevada. The focus of passion, amount, greed and vices. City of quick marriages, Elvis Presley, chic gaming clubs, and expensive hotels. Here they embark on a pre-wedding spree, they can lose capital at gambling tables and make madness when in any other town... Read more
Top 3 Casino Movies

Top 3 Casino Movies

MoviesNews 19th January 2021 0

Today we will focus on pictures where gambling is considered the most important part of the plot. However, what makes pictures of gambling so interesting? Thanks to gambling, films acquire a special zest, they become very intriguing, since there are a risk and a chance in gambling. All this... Read more
GUNDA – A film by Victor Kossakovsky / Released by Altitude on 30 April 2021
ALTITUDE ANNOUNCE THE RELEASE OF VICTOR KOSSAKOVSKY’S ‘PROFOUND’ AND ‘POWERFUL’ GUNDA IN UK & IRISH CINEMAS FROM 30 APRIL 2021 Altitude announces the release of Victor Kossakovsky’s stunning, heartbreaking and important GUNDA in UK and Irish cinemas on 30 April 2021. Experiential cinema in its purest form, GUNDA chronicles... Read more
Josiah wins the Oscar qualifying award at St Louis International Film Festival
No Film School, Jo Light “Josiah Tackles Stereotyping in Hollywood Casting with an Intense Oner”  Awards Daily, Joey Moser “a beautifully paced film that will get any audience talking as soon as the credits roll” Kyle Laursen’s Josiah explores Hollywood’s unconscious stereotyping Writer/Director Kyle Laursen’s live-action short film Josiah examines issues inside the creative... Read more
Alika Maikau’s Moloka’i Bound shares a story of a formerly incarcerated parent who’s trying to reconnect with his son
Winner of the Oscar-qualifying Cynthia Lickers-Sage Award for Best Short Work at ImagineNATIVE  In the live-action short film Moloka’i Bound, Director Alika Maikau shines a spotlight on the indigenous population of Hawai’i through a tale of an estranged father and son. Having only recently begun its festival run this prominent... Read more
Award winning short film CHUBBY comes from a very personal place for director-writer’s Madeleine Sims-Fewer and Dusty Mancinelli
CHUBBY follows the story of a ten-year-old girl who confesses to her family that she has been sexually abused, and the fallout that ensues as her family members each struggle to come to terms with it. This award-winning short film premiered at Telluride and won the Silver Dragon Award... Read more
The Queen’s Gambit, the Netflix series celebrating chess
The Queen’s Gambit is a fiction series that chronicles the life of a young female chess prodigy, Beth Harmon, played by Anya Taylor-Joy. Intro Orphaned at age 8, she has a unique character, Beth may be lonely, but she’s not shy, devoid of all fears. Her Achilles’ heel: the... Read more
Music and movies are considered the best ways to indulge and relax. And, when these two entities meet, they take your indulge to an altogether different level. Such is the power of classic musical movies. If you don’t trust us, play some classic musicals on DVD and watch your... Read more
Undoubtedly, comedy is one of the most loved genres in cinema. All the time, people watch funny movies on DVD to tickle their funny bones. But, what’s exciting is that within this genre, you have the option of choosing different types of comedy. This vast genre has various sub-genres,... Read more