Bourne Again: Jason Bourne Review Bourne Again: Jason Bourne Review
Four years ago, the popular Bourne franchise took somewhat of a misstep when it decided to divert from its lead character and introduce Jeremy... Bourne Again: Jason Bourne Review

Four years ago, the popular Bourne franchise took somewhat of a misstep when it decided to divert from its lead character and introduce Jeremy Renner as its focal point. Thankfully, after The Bourne Legacy didn’t quite match up to the dizzying heights that the partnership of director Paul Greengrass and leading man Matt Damon had produced previous, we’re back in the company of the stellar duo.

Jason Bourne sees Damon’s popular action figurehead back in the frame as he looks to uncover yet more secrets about his past, while maintaining one eye on eluding the CIA, led by Tommy Lee Jones’ Robert Dewey and carefully and succinctly tracked by Alicia Vikander’s Heather Lee. With this pair playing dirty, betraying left, right and centre, and playing a game with their own ulterior motives, Bourne also has to compete with a familiar face from his past in the form of the CIA’s own Asset (Vincent Cassel), a dangerous assassin determined to eliminate the man once and for all.

Rather unfairly, Jason Bourne has received much criticism for its seriousness and overall approach to the continuation of the series. But where the film is devoid of any light-heartedness, it is packed to the rafters with grit, a true brutal bite and storytelling to the highest degree. We’ve lusted for the return of the series to its roots and that’s exactly what Paul Greengrass gives us.

A man who forged such an engaging character on the big screen from Robert Ludlum’s book counterparts, Greengrass once again effortlessly produces a brilliantly paced and engrossing action drama. The king of shaky cam brings forth a number of thrilling and powerful set pieces, while always maintaining that gripping plot, from its twists and turns to the depth of Bourne’s own past unravelling.

While Damon fits back into his leading man role like 007 does his tuxedo, it is the newcomers to the party who revel in the movie. Tommy Lee Jones is suitable slippery and commanding in his role, while show-stealer Alicia Vikander once again proves why she is one of the most coveted actresses around at current. Each plays their part with the utmost brilliance and even Cassel’s assassin contains enough depth to his character to be an individual we’d rather not forget.

With all these components combining perfectly, Jason Bourne truly is one of the best blockbusters of the year so far, and also produces one of the most brutal and realisitic fight scenes you will experience in years to come. The dream team of Greengrass and Damon is back and boy, does it pack yet another knockout punch.

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