Celebrate National Sickie Day With These NOW TV Picks Celebrate National Sickie Day With These NOW TV Picks
Feeling a bit under the weather? You’re not alone; today is National Sickie Day – a day when more people call in sick than... Celebrate National Sickie Day With These NOW TV Picks

Feeling a bit under the weather? You’re not alone; today is National Sickie Day – a day when more people call in sick than any other time of the year.

There is nothing good about being sick, except for daytime bingeing on TV, guilt free. So for those of you who won’t be making it into the office today, TV streaming service NOW TV is here to help, with a list of its latest and greatest binge-worthy Box Sets.


Britannia (Season 1)

Lose yourself in the world of Britain in 43 AD, where the Roman army attempt to fight against the Druids and the Celts to establish order across Britainnia. All is not what it seems however, as the Roman Army may not only have to defeat the natives, but also their gods.

Big Little Lies (Season 1)

Winning eight Emmy®’s and a Golden Globe®, Big Little Lies, based on the novel of the same name, is an absolute must see. The series follows the story of three women in California who get tangled up in a murder investigation. Keep a watchful eye out though, as things aren’t quite what they seem in this seemingly perfect town.

Billions (Seasons 1-2)

Enter the world of corruption, money and power in Billions – a New York based drama in which a shrewd attorney attempts to take down an ambitious hedge-fund kingpin. Now let’s pretend to play the stock markets from the comfort of our living rooms.


Dexter (Seasons 1-8)

Meet Dexter, everybody’s favourite blood splatter analyst. A mild-mannered man of the law by day, but by night a secretive compulsive serial killer.

The Walking Dead (Seasons 1-8)

Feeling a little bit slow, under the weather and altogether not quite yourself? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Watch The Walking Dead and truly sympathise with the undead, after all, they’re the only ones that totally get what you’re going through.

True Detective (Season 1)

With 8 episodes making up the first season and with a run-time of around 50 minutes per episode, our maths suggest that this critically acclaimed crime thriller is more than doable in one day. Expect gripping performances courtesy of Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey, unnerving plot twists and a Deep South backdrop to tie it altogether.

The Wire (Seasons 1-5)

One of the original HBO dramas, The Wire looks at both sides of the law in Baltimore, as the city is rampant with corruption, drugs and crime. Each season of The Wire focuses on a different pillar of society and their often-crooked relationship with those in power.

Geordie Shore (Seasons 1-16)

Sometimes it’s difficult to concentrate when you’re ill, so how about something that allows you to ease off on the mental gas pedal – Geordie Shore. Join Newcastle’s very own lads and ladettes and you’ll find yourself asking questions like ‘what’s a gadgie?’, ‘what’s a hinny?’ and ‘what’s that gadgie doing with his hinny?’

The Russell Howard Hour (Season 1) 

Being ill can get you down, so a healthy dose of comedy may be just the thing you need. Join everybody’s favourite goofy comic as he takes on the world’s issues with celebrity guests and comedy friends.

Deadwood (Seasons 1-3)

Feeling like you’ve struck gold and gotten a case of the flu? Then Deadwood could be for you. Set in the late 19th century, the town of Deadwood is a hotspot for opportunistic criminals looking to get rich following the Gold Rush. Hold tight though, because civilisation is on its way.

For those of you taking part in National Sick Day, all the above content is available with a monthly NOW TV Entertainment Pass for £7.99.

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