How Cooking Shows Are Showing Us The Gourmet Way How Cooking Shows Are Showing Us The Gourmet Way
Food and film have always gone hand in hand – seriously, what’s a night in front of the big screen without some snacks? But... How Cooking Shows Are Showing Us The Gourmet Way

Food and film have always gone hand in hand – seriously, what’s a night in front of the big screen without some snacks? But now thanks to TV, we might be exposed to cases of art imitating life, rather than life imitating art. Instead of food playing a part simply for those watching what’s on screen, it’s all the rage when it comes to what we are watching as well.

Some of the most popular shows on TV are piquing our interest in food in a way that’s really never been seen before. And with that, our tastes are getting more exquisite. Gourmet food is ticking boxes and ensuring that we’re more aware of what we’re putting into our bodies, because what we are seeing on screen is trickling down into our everyday lives.

Food is no longer something casual that we just eat – it’s something we’re passionate about. And, most of all – it’s entertainment.

Takeaway Is Getting Less Casual

Ah, a good old-fashioned takeaway. A real classic. Except nowadays, it’s really not. With the rise of shows which focus on creative cooking, it makes sense that the average audience is kind of tired out from generic takeout options. When you’re watching Gordon Ramsay lament the state of people’s menus in Kitchen Nightmares, or watching young and promising hopefuls create true works of art on MasterChef, people are getting inspired and they want to eat the things they’re seeing on screen at home.

These days, you can get just about everything delivered to your door. The food we order in isn’t just about overcooked patties on soggy bread – gourmet burgers are all the rage. And beyond that, you can get everything from steak to sushi to come directly to you.

Just like the celebrity chefs and the judges on the shows we know and love, people are demanding higher standards when it comes to the food they eat. Not everyone can emulate their TV chef heroes, so ordering in while they watch the experts is the next best thing.

Baking Just Gets Better And Better

Arguably the best thing to happen to baking – and British television – in years, the Great British Bake Off is changing the way that we see the baking world. With its fun format and delicious treats, it’s so easy to see why the creators have the recipe for success.

Of course, that’s inspired a lot of us to try and copy what we see on TV, which is where Netflix has swooped in. Their latest original series is the hilarious Nailed It, which shows people that an interest in baking and success in the field doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand! Who says gourmet food is only for people who can get it right?

Practice makes perfect, and aesthetic success doesn’t come overnight. The show is a refreshing take on people’s Pinterest fails, showing that sometimes, it’s okay just to try. 

Everyone’s Learning To Cook

With the rise of cooking shows, we are seeing the rise of a varied demographic of people baking and cooking. Women and men alike from all different backgrounds are showing that this is anyone’s game. Just look at the diversity present in top shows, and the success of people like Nadiya Hussain (winner of the aforementioned Bake Off).

Shows such as Come Dine With Me and Dinner Date merge cooking with raw entertainment, showing that gourmet cooking doesn’t have to be stuffy or left solely to the experts – it can be done by people just like us.

So whether it’s the glitz and glam of someone like Nigella who’s getting you into eating better, or the sheer comfort of knowing that eating fancy is for everyone – watching cooking and food shows could be good for your health.

Or you know, at least your taste buds!

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