Do You Know the Best Way to Prepare for Microsoft MCSA 70-486 Exam Do You Know the Best Way to Prepare for Microsoft MCSA 70-486 Exam
First, let us start by indicating the fact that if you really want to go through the process of writing the Microsoft 70-486 exam,... Do You Know the Best Way to Prepare for Microsoft MCSA 70-486 Exam

First, let us start by indicating the fact that if you really want to go through the process of writing the Microsoft 70-486 exam, you cannot afford to just look for a quick fix. When you’re preparing to take an exam, you need to be ready to tackle even the most improbable question, being ready to answer them as they show up no matter what they demand of you is something that you need to be ready to take head-on. Preparation is essential, particularly good and well-planned that can get you the best results, you should be well-versed in ms word tricks so that you can tackle all the problems that may arise in front of you during an exam. As with any evaluation, this may seem logical, but many people don’t realize that careful research and note-taking can make or break the result, and doing both is one of the things that can ensure a good mark. Of course, there are many websites that promise ‘express success’ in the exam but really how successful can you be without an adequate preparation? There is really no secret formula for passing an exam other than to study hard. Do not get me wrong, you can cheat in the test and come out with high scores but in the long run you do yourself more harm than good.

The Microsoft 70-486 certification exam is indeed a challenging test, and the only way to achieve success is to study hard. You may be tempted to settle for brain dumps but if you think about it, know that you cannot get much from this method. Earning a certification is beyond passing the exam. You must be able to demonstrate the skills and expertise required for professionals with your certification in the work environment. If you have a certification but cannot deliver at your place of work, you can bet that you are on your way out of the organization.

Back to the exam preparation, the first thing you need to understand is that you have what it takes to study and prepare for the test, and pass with high scores. The secret is in studying hard and following instructions when you get to the exam. Before you start your preparation, it is crucial to set a target for yourself. With a clear target, you have an examination date in view and you can work towards covering all topics before the scheduled date. You are able to focus on your study and will be ready to write the exam when the date comes.

So, having set a target, the next thing is to start your exam preparation. But how do you go about this? What do you need to prepare adequately for your exam? Below, we have put together tips to help you prepare for your Microsoft 70-486 certification test. Read through each point carefully and put them into action to achieve success in your actual exam.

1) Understand the Microsoft 70-486 Exam Objectives.

This is the most important step in your exam preparation. All the other activities you engage in during your preparation are based on this point. Without knowing the objectives of the exam, how do you prepare? Without a clear understanding of the objectives, how do you know the relevant resource materials to study? You need the exam objectives to know what you need to study. They are available for you to downloaded from the official page of the 70-486 certification exam. Go through the exam objectives and understand what is expected from you. Read and understand the skills and knowledge that will be tested in the exam so that you can get the necessary resource materials to prepare for it.

2) Get Books that are Relevant to the Exam.

There are many books on the 70-486 exam but you need to get only the relevant materials. The fact that a book is nicely designed doesn’t mean it is the best one for you to prepare for thetest. If you don’t know what book you exactly need, you might want to check through the Microsoft web page on the certification to get details of resources you need to prepare for your exam. Truthfully, not everyone studies well with books but if you are planning on writing this test, you cannot avoid reading one of those study guides. One of the books you might want to check out is Exam Ref (70-486): Developing ASP. NET MVC 4 Web Applications. This resource guide is the official source recommended by Microsoft for the 70-486 certification exam. The book adequately covers each of the exam objectives, and it is obvious that the author is an experienced professional in the field. One downside of the book is that it is not well-articulated and may seem not so interesting to read. If you are not conversant with the topics, the author might be talking over your head. Professionals who are experienced in this field of IT will find the guide easy to read and understand. If you are not very familiar with this area, you might want to consider Professional ASP. NET MVC 4. This book is authored by five professionals who are experts in the field. It is very detailed and all topics are well-covered. You can get many code samples that you can use in your preparation and some interesting information relating to the exam.

3) Watch Plenty of Training Videos.

Watching training videos will be quite useful in helping you prepare for the test. There are many videos that have been developed by professionals on different topics of the exam content. Some of these training videos can be watched for free while the others will require subscription. If you want to explore some great videos from professional sites, you might want to check out PrepAway. The platform is a subscription-based site but you can access some training videos for free for a trial period of 10 days. You can explore up to 200 minutes of different videos at and use PrepAway Microsoft 70-486 practice test section without paying anything, but if you want to watch more, you’ll have to be ready to pay for the subscription which starts at $29 per month.

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4) Visit Microsoft Virtual Academy.

There are some great training videos that are available for free on this platform. MVA is the official training site of Microsoft where you can access some nice resource tools. Before you can start exploring the site, you will be required to create a Microsoft account, if you don’t already have one.


Preparing for the Microsoft MCSD 70-486 certification exam doesn’t have to be difficult. You have all the resources you need to prepare and Microsoft can provide you with lot of free materials. So if you don’t have much to invest in resource materials, you can get many of them online for free. You have to know your particular learning style and this is very important to the whole preparation process. Choose resource materials that fit your learning style most and study to achieve your desired scores.

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