Legends of Tomorrow – Week 19 Roundup Legends of Tomorrow – Week 19 Roundup
Legends of Tomorrow S03E15 – Necromancing the Stone Legends of Tomorrow has definitely taken a much darker turn in Season 3, without taking away from... Legends of Tomorrow – Week 19 Roundup

Legends of Tomorrow S03E15 – Necromancing the Stone

Legends of Tomorrow has definitely taken a much darker turn in Season 3, without taking away from their flamboyant style. With a demon-centric theme this season, there seems to be horror elements added to the show every so often, adding a very interesting dynamic to the CW Arrowverse. Although Arrow has always been the dark and gritty counterpart to the other fun campy shows, Legends of Tomorrow has really stepped up their game by exploring new storytelling methods. Season 3 episode 15 starts off with an eerie girl standing in the dark, although not the most original, the value and scariness has really been brought into the show.

In Necromancing the Stone, we find the perfect bearers not only for the recently obtained death totem, but the fire totem as well. Starting off with the creepy nightmare, Sara is lusted to the death totem, and the Waverider suddenly becomes the setting for a cabin in the woods. Having escaped death herself, there is no better person than kickass Sara to be taking out the Legends one by one as a petrifying demon. One of her new powers is to create apparitions, and she taunts half the legends by turning into someone they love.

Without a real conclusion for Wally West to get over Jesse besides a small stint of seeing him meditating in China, Sara appears as Jesse Quick in an emotional scene for Wally. Not only was it a great way to get a conclusion to the Jesse and Wally relationship, but Wally really feels like a part of the team now. What is so special about everyone on the Waverider isn’t just because they have lovable personalities, but because all of them are far from perfect, and we finally get to see the vulnerability of Wally. Too bad he gets knocked out within seconds.

To take Zari and Nate out, Sara appears as Zari’s little brother and Nate’s grandfather, the original Commander Steel, to toy with their family bonds. Sara even goes so far to appear as Astrid, the small girl Constantine couldn’t save, when Ava recruits John to stop Sara. John, perfectly capable of handling himself, uncovers the history of the death totem; the only totem that sided with the origins of Mallus, where the other five totems were committed to stopping the incarnation of death. However, it is only when we find the perfect bearer of the fire totem, none other than fire loving Mick Rory, that the Legends can break Sara from her spell. It will be intriguing to see Mick’s character going forward, as he can literally now summon fire from his fingers.

Although we are missing the water totem, all the totems have now been used one way or another. With only a few episodes left, Constatine will surely play an integral part, ending the episode off with an implication that he will be a regular for the rest of the season. The Legends will now need to find a way to use all the totems that they have in defeating Mallus, possibly resurrecting Kuasa and the water totem with their new death totem now. Sara also decides to break up with Ava in the closing moments of the episode, which did not really affect anything at all. They really should have just recruited Elvis, he’s already a Legend in most people’s books.

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