Michael Shannon Now Frontrunner For Deadpool 2’s Cable Michael Shannon Now Frontrunner For Deadpool 2’s Cable
Has Deadpool 2 finally found its Cable in the Midnight Special star? Michael Shannon Now Frontrunner For Deadpool 2’s Cable

The casting process and debate for Cable has been an elongated one. Both Stranger Things’ David Harbour, and Bloodline‘s Kyle Chandler have been firmly locked for the role, but now news emerges that Midnight Special star Michael Shannon is the favourite for Deadpool 2‘s key villain.

The character Shannon would potentially play, was co-created by Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld and writer Louise Simonson, and is described as in many ways being the opposite of Deadpool: a man who is a leader and used to being obeyed, who is very controlled but with an aura of simmering violence. In the comics, Cable was from the future and was the adult of Scott Summers, also known as the X-Man Cyclops.

Deadpool 2 is scheduled to begin shooting this summer in Vancouver. Zazie Beetz has already been cast in the role of Domino, while Ryan Reynolds will reprise his celebrated turn as the titular character, as addition to serving as producer.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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