Molly’s Game (2018) Review Molly’s Game (2018) Review
Chastain is incredible in Aaron Sorkin’s impressive debut directorial stint. Jumping into the directorial chair for the first time, Aaron Sorkin has forged his... Molly’s Game (2018) Review

Chastain is incredible in Aaron Sorkin’s impressive debut directorial stint.

Jumping into the directorial chair for the first time, Aaron Sorkin has forged his name into cinema history as one of the remarkable writers of this generation. The wordsmith has stamped his mark on the film industry with his trademark quick wit, cutting dramatic exchanges and so much more, bringing to life some of history’s most remarkable stories. As 2018 is upon us, so is Sorkin’s directorial debut as he brings to audiences the true story of Molly Bloom, a former Olympic-grade skier whose passing on from the sport brings her to pastures new and the chance at big stakes and big money.

Riddled by the failures seen in her father’s (Kevin Costner) eyes, Molly soon finds herself within the world of high stakes gambling, and more specifically, poker. Having taken a simple office job alongside a bartending role, this quick and sharp-witted young woman discovers a world where high class celebrities, sports stars, business owners and the like participate in big stakes poker matches, throwing thousands of dollars to the middle of the table in the name of entertainment, drinking and business. It’s a business that Molly finds herself more and more invested in, eventually becoming the person to come to when organising such events, leading to more powerful players and eventually the FBI knocking at her door.

With the threat of incarceration eventually knocking at her door, following the reveal that illegal actions were taken by Molly, the businesswoman must look to lawyer Charlie Jaffey as she protests her innocence while also looking to keep the names of those who she dealt hands with confidential.

Part courtroom and legal drama, part slick, stylish and quick-fire dialogue heaven, Aaron Sorkin’s directorial debut is an utter joy to behold and is a film that comes up with that winning hand time and time again. By now we’re all accustomed to Sorkin’s strength in writing so it comes as no surprise that this is once again a tour de force in cutting dialogue and exchanges that leave you salivating and wanting more, but it also must be stated that the man clearly knows how to direct. Molly’s Game is as glamorous and slick as the characters that embrace the screen and the portrayal of Molly herself is something truly special.

The joker in the pack that helps to allow the film to glisten in the spotlight is indeed Jessica Chastain, once again proving that she is one of the best actresses working in the business today and demanding that this January release be on your must-watch list for 2018. Striking with female strength, Chastain’s portrayal of Molly is exquisite, her intelligence shining, her strength and resolve empowering and each word of Sorkin’s dialogue being delivered with the utmost of gusto. Here we have yet another female character who is hard to ignore and one whose scenes with her male counterparts highlight her as the MVP tenfold.

Molly’s Game is a film you’ll want to watch with a clear head after a New Year’s Eve bash but one that strikes every chord with its exceptional dialogue and excellent leading performance from an undeniable Chastain. January has dealt a winning hand already in Molly’s Game.

Molly’s Game is out in UK cinemas now.

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