Superheroes Are People Too Superheroes Are People Too
As the most celebrated and influential franchise in the history of cinema, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has truly awakened a passion in viewers... Superheroes Are People Too

As the most celebrated and influential franchise in the history of cinema, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has truly awakened a passion in viewers for more complicated and diverse heroes they can relate to. When we feel connected to the heroes we have always looked up to, it’s almost as though there is a little piece of us fighting the big fight or triumphing against some great evil alongside them. You wouldn’t guess it, but modern superheroes aren’t all that different from you. Below you’ll find an in-depth look into how some of the most well-known superheroes in the history of cinema are just like you.


Scott Lang is perhaps the most likeable and down-to-Earth character in the entire MCU. With his plucky attitude and desire to do right by his family, Lang truly embodies what it means to be human within a very “inhuman” landscape. He may seem tiny compared to his cohorts while wearing his high-tech shrinking uniform, but when it comes to content of his character, no superhero comes close. Traversing the mean streets of New York stealing from the rich to give to the poor, Ant-Man is a hero audiences hold out hope for redemption, and at the same time secretly wish he would never change. Scott also has a best friend who gets him into all kinds of hairy situations – who can’t relate to that?


We all have a little bit of an envious streak in us from time to time we aren’t too proud of. Well, to put it frankly, the jealousy bug can be considered Loki’s close personal friend. Whereas most normal people struggle hiding pangs of jealousy over a neighbor’s new Ferrari or engagement announcement, Loki’s sights are set a little higher: dethroning his brother Thor and claiming his Asgardian legacy. This desire fuels every decision, good, bad and ugly, which Loki shows throughout his story within the MCU. Keeping audiences on their toes is what makes Loki fans rejoice over his involvement in new films. Much as is the case in the real world, it doesn’t pay to befriend the green-eyed monster. Loki doesn’t get a slap on the wrist for his behavior; instead he gets an eternity in a realm of endless torment.

Tony Stark

Iron Man truly is a superhero with an unadulterated zest for life. A daredevil in his own right, Tony has never met a challenge he didn’t face head on and crush with passion and determination – even plummeting thousands of miles to the Earth’s surface with no power in his suit didn’t keep the hero down for long. He does have one flaw, however, which makes his larger-than-life personality seem more human: addiction. Whether to adrenaline, gambling or women, Stark truly fuels his addictions every waking moment of every day. You wouldn’t think the gambling habits of Marvel characters could differ too much from your own – but you’d be wrong. When you have a billion dollar company’s capital at your disposal, the wrong bet could really ruin a good time.


It seems that the Marvel Cinematic Universe creative team has truly figured out the code for success within their franchise by appealing to their audience. While this seems pretty straightforward and simple to some of us, it is a formula that has never been successfully done before – until now. By allowing their modern superheroes to have flaws, writers are able to portray these larger-than-life super-powered “meta-humans” as spectacular individuals who we can relate to. With over $10.9 billion in their coffers, it’s safe to say they’re doing something right!

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