Logan (2017) DVD Review
While delivering in the visceral nature of the character, Logan slightly misses a beat in Jackman’s final outing. Marking...
Logan Goes Retro In Epic New IMAX Artwork

Behold this gloriously old-school IMAX poster for Logan starring Hugh Jackman!

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Watch: Killer New Logan Clip

Hugh Jackman’s Logan stars in this awesome new clip from the movie. Watch it here!

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Logan Gets An INTENSE New Poster

Hugh Jackman’s Logan gets a seriously menacing new one-sheet today. Check it out here!

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Final Logan Trailer Is Absolutely Fantastic

Get ready for the most action-packed & awesome trailer for Logan yet!

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Colossus And Negasonic Teenage Warhead Will Return For Deadpool 2
For all the rumours of Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman once more teaming up on screen in their familiar roles of Deadpool and Wolverine in some capacity, it pays to remember that Deadpool 2 is a go and there are plenty of other characters set to either make their... Read more
Fans To Piece Together Special Logan Frames With Hugh Jackman And James Mangold
Following the news that Logan will have its premiere at this year’s Berlin Film Festival, today brings further developments in the lead-up to what is one of our most anticipated movies of 2017. It has been confirmed that fans have a chance to get involved with the film’s advertising... Read more
Logan To Premiere At The Berlin Film Festival

Further proof that James Mangold’s X-Men spinoff is no ordinary superhero flick…

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New Logan Poster Ahead Of January’s Trailer

Hugh Jackman’s primal anti-hero takes centre stage in this glorious new poster for Logan.

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