New Logan Poster Ahead Of January’s Trailer New Logan Poster Ahead Of January’s Trailer
Hugh Jackman's primal anti-hero takes centre stage in this glorious new poster for Logan. New Logan Poster Ahead Of January’s Trailer

20th Century Fox UK have teased that a second trailer for the much-anticipated superhero drama Logan is due for release next month, but ahead of such unveiling, here is a stunning new poster.

Featuring Hugh Jackman’s grizzly anti-hero enveloped by a potent sunset, this is the type of movie promotion fans simply dream of. Logan is directed by James Mangold, and co-stars Richard E. Grant, Patrick Stewart, and Elizabeth Rodriguez.

The film follows a much elder variation of Wolverine during a future in which mutants have been largely eradicated. He crosses paths with a girl named Laura, who needs his help. Though Logan is reluctant at first, Xavier’s urgings places him on the right path. Check out the glorious new one-sheet below…

Source: 20th Century Fox UK


Logan is scheduled for a UK release on 3rd March, 2017.

Source: /Film

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