Terminator: Dark Fate is coming to UK cinemas 23rd October
New trailer for BOMBAY ROSE – premiering at Venice Film Festival
Cinestaan Film Company Presents the international trailer for BOMBAY ROSE Directed, Written and Created by Gitanjali Rao Opening the 2019...
“epic fun… a historically hilarious jumble of facts and fun…high Vs all round” Jason Solomons, BBC Radio London  ...
The Wailing (2016) Review

Here’s our official verdict on the South Korean mystery horror which is stunning audiences & critics alike: The Wailing.

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Till We Meet Again (2016) Review
The shaky-cam effect of its opening sequence, complimented by the nervous body language of Johan Matton’s Erik captured through extreme close-ups as he stands on a subway platform. Through life, many of us often grow disillusioned by the familiarity of our surroundings and mundane nature of our careers, lamenting... Read more
United States Of Love (2016) Review

Tomasz Wasilewski’s ambient & chilling depiction of erotica makes United States of Love an unflinching watch. Here’s our review.

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Top 10 Christmas Movies for the Whole Family
Nothing quite gets you in the Christmas spirit like settling down on a snowy day in front of a Christmas movie. Our top picks of Christmas flicks are fun for all the family, they might not be on TV daily but you might find them on Kodi.  Which ones... Read more
Bad Santa 2 (2016) Review

Billy Bob Thornton returns as the outrageous and politically incorrect Willie Soke in Bad Santa 2. Check out our official review here.

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Allied (2016) Review

Allied (2016) Review

MoviesReviews 23rd November 2016 0

Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard star in Robert Zemeckis’ wartime mystery drama Allied. Read our official verdict here.

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Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them (2016) Review

The highly-anticapied Harry Potter spin-off has arrived. Here’s our verdict of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

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Brix and the Bitch (2016) Review
The wonderful thing about approaching awards season is not only the heightened sense of amazement at the big players in Hollywood and their properties that garner plaudits, golden statuettes and beyond, but it also highlights some of the often overlooked individuals. These are individuals whose fine pieces of work... Read more
Dog Eat Dog (2016) Review

Chris Haydon reviews director Paul Schrader’s alarmingly inept crime satire Dog Eat Dog starring Nicolas Cage and Willem Dafoe.

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Creepy (2016) Review

Creepy (2016) Review

MoviesReviews 14th November 2016 0

Kiyoshi Kurosawa is back to his nail-biting best with an investigative thriller that’s dominated by a malevolent psychopath.  Creepy takes the audience on a journey, bypassing the supernatural films that have overshadowed box offices in recent years, instead opting to focus a fear that’s a little close to home; mankind. Based on a... Read more
American Pastoral (2016) Review

Chris Haydon reviews period drama American Pastoral – the directorial debut from Ewan McGregor.

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The Handmaiden (2016) Review
Confinement, servitude, duplicity, lesbianism, and feminism make up the palette of Park Chan-wook’s latest cinematic endeavor, The Handmaiden. Park is most well-known for his Vengeance trilogy, especially Oldboy, and it would be simple to say he is stepping outside of his comfort zone. But Park’s films always run the... Read more