FilmStruck Curzon Premium Movie Streaming Officially Launches
FilmStruck Curzon is a new premium movie streaming service expertly curated by film lovers for film lovers. FilmStruck Curzon offers a broad and diverse collection of cinema’s most iconic and ground-breaking films, from genres such as mainstream, cult, independent, art house, classic and documentary film as well as the best of... Read more
Frantz (2017) Review
François Ozon is nothing if not audacious. His latest and tenth film in as many years, Frantz – a loose remake of Ernst Lubitsch’s Broken Lullaby – borrows the lush melodrama of its source material whilst injecting a Hitchcockian-like playfulness, erring ever closer to the frantic sensationalism of Vertigo... Read more
I’ve Never Seen… Psycho
Every week, one of the Filmoria team will be pulling a skeleton from their closet in the form of a classic film that they’ve never seen. It could be a film from decades ago or one that has recently been heralded as ‘one of the best’ in recent times,... Read more