Jamie Foxx Announces Mike Tyson Biopic Is “A Go”
Just days after we reported Martin Scorsese had thrown in the proverbial towel on his Frank Sinatra biopic, there’s news of his involvement in another portrait of a celebrity with a colourful life.  Former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson. And the story has come from Jamie Foxx. Of course, the ex-boxer is... Read more
Bleed For This (2016) Review
Based on the inspirational true story of Italian World Champion Boxer Vinny Pazienza (Miles Teller) whom makes a comeback to the ring after suffering a near fatal car crash, this should have been up there with all the other greats but sadly turns out to be nothing more than... Read more
5 Boxing Movies That Pack One Hell Of A Punch
Sports movies often give us the most inspiring stories and characters of any films, but when it comes to a particular sport there are few that manage to match the might and prowess of boxing. Through the years, we’ve bared witness to some of the greatest underdog stories in... Read more