Den Of Thieves (2018) Review
Tries to pack a lot of Heat but never quite hits the pinnacle… When it comes to cop thrillers...
Molly’s Game (2018) Review
Chastain is incredible in Aaron Sorkin’s impressive debut directorial stint. Jumping into the directorial chair for the first time,...
Wonder (2017) Review
Wonder wears its heart on its sleeve, and anchored by a brilliant performance by Jacob Tremblay, the film is...
McLaren (2017) Review

An engaging if expected biographical account of the fated Formula One icon. Our review of McLaren is here.

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From The Land Of The Moon (2017) Review

Marion Cotillard stars in wartime romance, From the Land of the Moon. Our official verdict is in.

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Berlin Syndrome (2017) Review

Teresa Palmer delivers a career-defining as a tourist held captive in Cate Shortland’s Berlin Syndrome.

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Cannes 2017: Belle De Jour Review

Luis Buñuel’s sexually surrealist classic, Belle De Jour, returns to Cannes for its 50th anniversary. Check out our review.

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Cannes 2017: Blow-Up Review

Michelangelo Antonioni’s seminal mystery drama Blow-Up screens as part of the Cannes Classics programme. Here’s our official review.

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Cannes 2017: After The War (Dopo La Guerra) Review

Ghosts of a rebellious past linger in political drama, After the War. Here’s our official review from Cannes.

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Snatched (2017) Review
Amy Schumer stars in Snatched, a story about a mother daughter trip to Ecuador gone horribly, and hilariously wrong. Well, perhaps not hilariously, though that certainly was the intention. Schumer plays Emily Middleton, a lazy, idiotic young woman whose plans go up in flames when she’s dumped by her... Read more
Baywatch (2017) Review
Of Baywatch’s massive estimated budget of $90 million – which tiptoes the fine line between impressive and of absolute excess – it’s easy to imagine a fair proportion of it going on oil in order to maintain that glistening grotesqueness appropriated by The Rock. If Orson Welles struggled with... Read more
Cannes 2017: Wind River Review

Jeremy Renner & Elizabeth Olsen star in Taylor Sherdian’s exhilarating Wind River. Our official verdict from Cannes is here.

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Cannes 2017: The Killing Of A Sacred Deer Review

Colin Farrell and Nicole Kidman are luxuriously dark in The Killing of a Sacred Deer. Our review from Cannes is in.

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Cannes 2017: Happy End Review

Chilly Austrian maestro Michael Haneke returns to Cannes with Happy End; a masterful social satire. Here’s our review.

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Cannes 2017: Mobile Homes Review

Imogen Poots stars in drifting family drama, Mobile Homes. Our review from Cannes is in.

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