Boss Baby 2 Set For Spring 2021
Universal and Dream Works Animation have another baby on the way – but his arrival isn’t for another four years.  That’s some gestation period! The infant in question is The Boss Baby 2, with the happy event scheduled to hit US cinemas on 26 March 2021.  Whether the power-obsessed... Read more
Shrek 5 To Be A “Reinvention”
It’s seven years since everybody’s favourite green ogre with a Scottish accent last graced the big screen.  But DreamWorks is working on his return. Shrek 5 is currently being developed and screenwriter, Michael McMullers – whose The Boss Baby is perched on top of the US box office this week... Read more
We Need To Talk About The Boss Baby In New Clip

Get ready to laugh with this awesome new clip from DreamWorks’ The Boss Baby!

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The Boss Baby Mocks Beauty And The Beast In New Trailer

The Boss Baby proves to be a Tale NOT as Old as Time in this hilarious new trailer!

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The Boss Baby Holds A Meeting In New Movie Clip

This hilarious new clip from The Boss Baby details the cutest of rivals to newborns: puppies. Watch it here!

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Hilarious New Boss Baby Trailer Unveils Plot Details
It looks like it’s a battle of the cutest in the latest trailer for Dreamworks’ The Boss Baby as Alec Baldwin’s suit-wearing, scheming baby looks to take back the baby throne for adorability away from the dogs and put his older brother in his place at the same time. While... Read more
How To Train Your Dragon 3 Pushed Back – Again
Can’t wait for the next instalment of How To Train Your Dragon?  You’re gonna have to. Originally scheduled for this summer, it’s already been moved twice, firstly to next year and then 2018.  Now it seems to have fallen victim to Universal’s acquisition of DreamWorks Animation and the new date... Read more