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Exclusive – Brand New Roger Rabbit & Mickey Mouse Concept Art for THE STOOGE

The Stooge Development poster by Douglas A SiroisFilmoria recently interviewed Douglas A. Sirois, the concept artist who is working with Erik Von Wodtke and Gary K. Wolf on The Stooge, a brand new feature animation that aims to bring Roger Rabbit and Mickey Mouse together again on the big screen.

Last month concept art for the development project hit the internet, igniting excitement from Roger Rabbit and Mickey Mouse fans across the world.  Doug has kindly sent Filmoria a brand new, never before seen, concept poster for The Stooge.  The one sheet features Mickey, looking Dean-Martin-casual, leaning on his cane.  Roger bumbles in the background with luggage-a-plenty, in a clumsy Jerry Lewis-type way.

The Stooge will be based on the classic Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis movie of the same name.  Gary K. Wolfe announced more on his website last month:

“The story has the emotional empathy and sensibilities of Wall-E and Toy Story. It will be a (G) Rated Pixar type animated musical buddy comedy. Mickey takes on the Dean Martin role, Roger, who is already regarded as a comic genius in France, takes the Jerry Lewis part.
The film incorporates five specific locations from the Disneyland park. It also introduces the Toon Train, an exciting and interesting way to travel through Toontown.
The film features real-life people.  Walt Disney costars. Orson Wells makes an appearance.

The packaged Development Proposal is currently being evaluated by Disney and Pixar.  Meetings are happening! Directors and writers are being evaluated.

Hold your breath! For now, that’s all I can tell you!  Believe me, there’s lots more to come.

To read more about The Stooge and to discover more about Douglas A. Sirois’ involvement in the film, be sure to read our exclusive interview here

The Stooge Development poster by Douglas A Sirois

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